My Ballet Teacher Confuses Me?!?

when your ballet teacher says "everyones getting on pointe this thursday" to the whole class , do they want you to already have pointe shoes for that day, or do they mean their going to examine your feet for pointe? I haven't been examined for pointe yet, but my teacher has the qualifications to do it herself. Does that mean she thinks everyone's ready for pointe and she wants you to buy pointe shoes and bring them to class or to get them after class on thursday? I already got some because I figured that it doesn't make a difference weather I get them now or on thursday. right?
Schileur Schileur
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1 Response Sep 23, 2012

I guess you found out because it's already happened and no one replied. I'd assume she meant you should have them. You already did anyway, so you were prepared for whatever... How did it go? I'm a guy and used to be a ballet and modern dancer... I danced on point a few times just for the experience, but the female body is good for pointe, the male body, NOT! LOL! So I was always glad we didn't have to do it and admired the strength it took for the girls to do it!

And she's russian so her accent and the way she puts words makes it worse! but ya lol I needed them and OH MY GOD THEIR PAINFUL! It's so much fun though! I actually got tendentious the week before I started pointe, and I didn't wanna take too much time off so it was kinda painful because of that too. And I applaud you on trying it! but yeah, I was nervous about getting everything right because I started at a new, strict ballet school a month ago and I don't want anyone to judge me, and stuff...

nope, we're not allowed to use them.