Documentary Tv Series Searching For Balloon Love

Hi Everyone,
I hope you don't mind me reaching out here...

I am currently casting a documentary television series for a major cable network and wanted to see if anyone might be interested in sharing their stories as a lover of balloons.

This program delves into people developing a variety of relationships with inanimate objects - including friendships, sexual relationships, and comfort-object relationship.

I am hoping to find someone with a strong relationship to balloons or inflatable objects who would be interested in sharing this on our documentary. This can be any type of relationship, and we're interested in exploring how the relationship or infatuation began and how it plays out in your life.

If you'd be interested in hearing more about this project or would be willing to share your stories, please let me know. Email me at or give me a call at 312-467-8130 and we can get in touch.

Thank you,
- Krissy
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You can also interview me as well. It's important to talk about those that don't pop balloons too! We are a very small minority but we still need to be heard! It's rare to find non poppers unfortunately

Are you play with balloons hi chat to you

Hi Krissy

Im a looner with a very strong relationship with balloons, i would be happy to chat and share some stories, give me a message if its not too late :)

I probably dont qualify as a lover of balloons I have always had a fasanation for balloons
Unfortunately my fasanation is in how big I can inflate them . I think they are their most beautiful just before they burst . I dont know that that qualfies as love. If you want to continue a dialog my email is