My Daddy Used to Make Them For Me!

He would put red food dye in them and we called them Pink Panther Banana Pancakes! yum yum yum yum!!

I used to make them when I was preganant and made them more like fritters. I'd douse them in butter and honey. That was back when I had time of my own and didn't have to fuss over a baby. After she was born I swear I lived on water and energy bars. She was a fussy baby.

I haven't made them in a long time, but I'd whip you up a batch in no time!

Use 2 very ripe bananas, a half cup of pancake mix, tablespoon of butter and also honey. A little milk to make it a thick consistancy. Fry them up in plenty of butter until desired browness. They will be soft... that's my fritter recipe.

If you want to make them normal then just add ripe bananas to your basic pancake batter and top as desired.

I always like my pancakes lightly done. mmm

God Bless EP for bringing back lovely memories. Some memories I am able to recal and even work through on here, it's wonderful.

PinUpPaige PinUpPaige
31-35, F
Feb 10, 2009