They're Yummy!

How can you not love them? Maybe it's just me, hehe!!
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Sleepless, yes they are still strawberries, so fret not, cover them with chocolate or sugar, and the strawberry remains, so it is indeed technically healthy! Hope I've allayed your fears on that one.<br />
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tyco, yes, and also banana's help with anaemia, blood pressure and brain power amongst other things, and the skin can be used on mosquito bites! <br />
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mmm, my twin, chocolate covered bananas, heaven!! xxoo

Bananas have anti depressant qualities in them.

My sentiments exactly, my twin! Strawberries and apples, delicious! Strawberries, as Sleepless42 says, are very nom! Strawberries with whipped cream, sprinkling of sugar, occasionally with a few slices of apple, raisins/sultanas....mmmmmmmm! Actually, though I think strawberries top my own berry poll, I think all berries are pretty scrummy :-) xxoo

Oh dear *smiles* We all have a phobia about something, mine is wasps. I laid down on one when I was about 6, and since then....well, I have to leg it out of the room!<br />
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You say tomato, I say.....on second, STRAWBERRIES! How about strawberries?

Tomatoes, when you don't stand on them, are so versatile, are so good for you, and tomato soup is my very favourite soup, oh and I like ketchup too!

That is a great shame, Sleepless42 :( That must be horrible if you have to touch it and you don't like it! Ok, if you don't like babanas (and frankly, I find it hard to fathom!), where do you stand on tomatoes?

TS, you are quite right, of course! I have hardly ever had banana bread, but I loved it when I did, and you have made my mouth water!!

Yep, same here, my kindred, mushy nana'a are not so yummy, firmness is what you need. Bananas are the healthy fast food it's okay to indulge in (apart from a work colleague, who is trying to help another colleague kick his 3 a day 'nana habit -this is true, believe it or not!, I haven't told her I often eat 3 a day too), just peel, and away you go! I peel mine be splitting the peel in the middle, which one or two others have attested has to have a Freudian meaning. I also love it with custard. Bananas, I mean.

MMM , no it's not but I like them firm... mushiness in 'Nanas is yucky.