I LOVE THEM! especially when they're not fully ripe.. ALMOST ripe. so, theyr kind of.. uhm.. hard.. and lovely and cold. I hate having to describe how I like bananas to be cos the only way I can say it is "hard and cold". Not a very attractive way to be describing these beautiful fruits.

I recently found out that bananas have a lot of calories in them, and often people eat bananas and drink milk to put on weight!

MY FAVOURITE SNACK!!!! damnitt, i don't care. I'll still eat cold hard bananas and drink cold milk until i explode.
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An average banana is about 100 calories, apparently. Which is about the same as two teeny apples :D Better bananas and milk than anything loaded with tooth-rot sugar and heart clogging fat ANY day of the week! Yum, bananas.

High in calories? I think that may just be relative, I am sure they have fewer calories than the cookies that are also a convenient snack food.

I like them a little green too.

They are also high in natural sugars; not so good for the diabetic to pig out on. But on the flip side... LOADED in potassium... goodbye leg cramps!=}