Oh Yes I Do!

One of the things a few of my school buddies don't understand, is why I love bangs so much. I don't know either! I love bangs on girls. On guys, I just say "yeah, they look cool." But on girls, "HOT!!" Is always my response. I don't know what it is about them, I'm just completely yet strangely attracted to them. Doesn't really matter the width or the length, if they're bangs, I'll take them!! ^~^ (sorry, just a rant on another one of my attractions) [Hope you understand Kelmo!]
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3 Responses Jul 18, 2010

lmao you're one weird guy, Ev. ^_^

but whyyyyy?!?!? they're so freaking annoying!!! why would you like them in my face so that you can't see it!? i thought you loved my face! xP

hahah i understand now Ev! xP well you can take my annoyingly long in-my-eyes-all-the-time always-hiding-my-face bangs!!! and KEEP THEM. >.< :P