Naked Cameltoe

When I turned 18, I got into a fight with mom and decided to live on my own.  I immediately got into financial trouble and moved into the poorest side of town (black ghetto).  I found this super cheap studio apartment, in a complex with single black men living above me.

My "micro studio" was underground. with no windows, no kitchen, not even a real bathroom. It had this "curtain shower" with dinky, dirty toilet, right next to my little bed. The complex was so grungy, I almost couldn't live there, but being almost broke, I decided to stay, rather than move back home.

At the time. I was the only girl (black or white) in the complex. All the other rooms were full of these sexy, black men (6 to 8) to apartment. Our complex had one large common area, which kitchen, boom stereo and big TV that I presume the black boys furnished. My windowless micro studio OMG, it felt like this sleazy, little "**** room" to me.  With all the black men above me (on all sides) totally fueled my desire for dirty sex with them.  

I've always been attracted to black.  I remember moving in, seeing dirty, black men, staring down at me.  I felt totally submissive.  They were totally dominating me with their looks and actions. Living beneath these black men ...OMG ...Got me so super excited.  I've always loved the feeling of being sexually dominated, especially "black domination."

Let me briefly explain my submissive, sexual past:

I grew up in Biloxi Mississippi .  My parents divorced when I was really young, which had a big effect on me.  Mom became a hairdresser.  I gave my virginity away, to a black boy, when I was only 12.  He was in "da hood" the trashiest in town.  He didn't care for me. But I wanted to experience sex with him.  He was like super dominating.  I let him totally use and then trash me (like totally).  I was okay with everything.  Wanted it I guess.  I wanted to feel dominated by him.

I slept whenever he wanted, which was like every day.  It was never protected, I didn't care.  A month later, he grew tired.  Said he had desires 4 other girls.  I let him sleep around.  Then he wanted to "hoe me" to other boys in his hood.  I still remember the night he asked me.  I was 13.  He said:  "Baby, baby, be my hoe baby; need U to hoe 4 me."  At first I said no.  He slapped me.  For some crazy reason, I said "yea, okay" to him.  

I think it was the domination.  It got me totally excited.  I became super submissive.  Let boys use me, whenever they wanted.  I ended up getting into crazy ****, gang bangs and such.  I got pimped out nightly, some days day and night.  In the end, I actually got into wanting me "pimped" because of how it felt (dirty, slutty) which was a big turn on.  I almost lived for it actually (that feeling) of being a "slutty hoe" for his hood.  

When I turned 16, mom and I moved to Tampa and escaped all the **** happening to me.

Anyways, back to my story:

The very first night, I start unpacking.   I start to fantasize about "gang banging" with all the black men above.  As I unpacked, my ***** seemed to get hotter and wetter.  By bedtime I was this this "molting volcano" of desire.  I crawl into bed …OMG …Can't slept at all. I get into this frenzied ************.  ****** like crazy.  ********** all night, thoughts of gang bangs, vaginal, oral, anal, even triple penetrations, running through my head, super fueling my desire for sex.
The next morning I was tired but still totally horny.  I felt like this “super-*****” dog in total heat. I was completely desperate for guy’s. That afternoon, I decide to sun bathe on the dirty, grass *****, below our apartments.  I went out to the parking lot, put down a blanket and laid down. I wore my sexy, thong bikini. Guys say my *** looks pretty amazing when I wear it.  Here's a pic to give U an idea:

So okay, I walk out to the little ***** in the parking lot.  Crazy me, I throw down a beach towel and lay down.  I kept looking up at the guys in the apartment, waving up at them.  Soon they came out to chat with me.  I invite them down to a “housewarming” party with me.  They all agreed.  My little studio didn’t have a kitchen; I asked if I could cook hot wings upstairs in theirs.  One guy said:  “Why don’t you just come up?  I immediately said yes and got so excited, I told the guys I’d even buy all the food and drinks (beer). They immediately agree and one offered to go with me that evening, to the store with me.
A few minutes later I head back to my apartment and I sort of “invited” everyone in the complex to the party, which was a bit stupid.  Having just turned 18, I was an overly ambitious about parties.  I’ve since gotten smarter.   
So okay, that evening, I go with the guy to buy a whole bunch of beer and chips, saying that I invited more guys.  He seemed a bit upset but soon got over it.  On the drive home, I got thinking about what to wear and ask the guy what you think I should wear.  PS:  Dumb to ask a horny black boy this question.  By then I’d had many dirty sex thoughts running through my head all day. Having spent the afternoon sun bathing in a skimpy bikini I was already feeling pretty sexy (actually slutty).  I wanted to dress sexy anyway.  So I ask the guy what to wear. 
He jokingly said:  “Wear something that shows ya cameltoe.” I’d just turned 18 and had NO CLUE what a “cameltoe” was.  Finally the guy explains.  I laughed soooo hard, like all the way back.  For those who don't know “Cameltoe” is slang for *****. Anyways when we got home, I jokingly said :  Okay pay me 20 bucks, I’ll show off my "cameltoe" at the party tonight. He said:  “I aint got 20, how about 5?”  I said:  “Wow ...Only 5? … How about 10 ?”  The guys says okay to it and hands me a ten spot, which helped a bit, being I just dropped 60 bucks on all the beer, wings and chips:
Anyway here’s what’s totally funny: 
I didn’t get that “cameltoe” just meant the “outline” of my *****, underneath my panties. I thought it meant “naked *****.”  Being I’d totally shaved and showered and had worn a thong bikini all afternoon, I decide to show my cameltoe by wearing a lace mini dress, that shows a bit of naked skin underneath.  Here’s a photo of something similar to give U an idea:

Being a bit drunk, and me thinking I had to show my cameltoe (naked) I decide (I guess wanted)  to wear my dress with no panties (actually no bra or panties).  I remember hearing rap music playing upstairs and thinking okay, my ******* clean and shaved, you're pretty sexy, U should be okay.  I’d just been up there cooking chicken wings and getting chips ready for the guys.  They were already flirting with me and me with them.  I had sex on the brain (totally hard) so I said okay to no panties. Having spent the afternoon in just a thong bikini also made a difference, I’d already had shown most my body anyways.
I’d guzzled down a beer and head up (no bra or panties) to the party. I know “crazy stupid” but that was me back then.  There were 4 guys in the apartment, when I was cooking wings. But rap was playing with super bass, which drew more guys from the complex.  Suddenly I go inside.  15 black guys see me in my sexy, lace mini-dress.  Eyes go big (HUGE) guys get WOW looks on their faces.  One asked me to dance for him.  I realized he meant in front of him not with him.  He asked me to booty shake, I start popping out my *** to music.  My see through dress hiked a bit.  I’m like in front of all these guys I thought to pull it down would be like something totally chicken ****.  So I kept my skirt hiked and guys sit down on the floor, they were on the sofa, just to look up my mini-dress. 
That totally turned me on, I start booty dancing more sexy.  I walk over to the stereo to find something better.  I found Nicki Minaj’s Pink Friday and 50 cents Massacre albums.  I decide on Candy Shop from 50 Cents.  It’s such a slutty song.  Now I look back and realize “slutty’s” what I had in mind that night. I guess that night I needed my “***** on.”   I start butt poppin’.  The guy who paid just to see my “cameltoe” was sitting in a chair.  I danced to him, bent over at the waist. My skirt was still hiked up and at the point in the song, where the lyrics go: 
"I'll take you to the candy shop. Boy one taste of what I got. I'll have you spending all you got. Keep going 'til you hit the spot (woah)"   
I slowly slithered up my mini dress, above my naked ***.  I briefly showed him my “cameltoe” , since I thought that’s what I’d agreed to. I was about to pull my dress down when suddenly, cheers erupting in the room for me.  The guy grabs my hips and pulls me close to him.  I felt his tongue flick down my mini-dress, licking down lower and lower.  He licks all the way and finds my moist, naked ***** lips.  OMG, I couldn’t help but close my eyes when he hit me. I let him “tickle lick” me with his long tongue.  It was like pretty crazy, guys in the room, but I swear that single moment, just me and him.  He “hit me” with this wet tip of tongue, OMG, like really good.  His tongue was like both soft, yet sharp.  It was firm also super wet.  The tip was just like OMG rubbed my aching little **** so perfect.  The way he licked me, controlled strokes,almost drove me crazy with tongue darts into my sex hole. Almost shivered me to ******. 
Next thing I remember, my dress got slithered up to my waist.  He wouldn’t let me pull it down and for some crazy reason I didn’t even want it down.  I remember he danced me a bit, in his hands, to the dirty music of the song.  He grabbing my naked hips and I danced for him like that, with my dress hiked.  Being without panties, all the guys who were staring at my naked “cameltoe” they were in a circle around me. OMG …Totally drove me nuts having that much attention from so many guys. 
Many of the them were like kneeling on the floor. They had gotten off the sofa and knelt around me just to get closer. At that point I kinda knew, my dress wasn’t going to last long.  I danced for them, in a circle with hands out grabbing me.  My dress still hiked to my waist.  I remember the feeling my dress pulling down from the top.  It was strapless mini dress.  Nothing held it up.  The guys slithered it down to my waist.  My boobs floated free and I remember guys lips reaching out to suck my ****.  I pushed my **** toward them, almost into their mouths.  I guess I had to show them I wanted it!   
Next thing I remember was my dress being slipping down my body to the floor.  Guys were fondling my naked body.  My **** were being sucked, hips and *** licked.  Guys start licking me from all sided.  Sucking nipples same time.  I felt more hands roaming my body.  I remember slipping out of my dress and spreading apart my legs, guys kept kissing and licking my naked body.  I needed **** so bad at that point. I squatting on the ground, grabbing crotches, unzipped their pants, sucked like mad. 
It turned into a marathon group ****, me trying to satisfy as many guys as possible all same time.  OMG - I totally let down all guard that night.  Just didn’t give a **** about protection just satisfaction (min and theirs).  Some wore condoms, some didn’t, I got lucky (no STDs). 
After that night, which was only my second night, we all became good friends which lasted for a while, but things got ugly when some guys wanted me as a solo GF type girl.  I sort of wanted to be all their girls, in my mind their “***** N’ hoe” that stuff totally turned me on back then.  I wanted them all to be masters of me.  Sex wise, I love Master-Slave role-playing back then, especially with black guys (still do I guess) but I now realize the negatives that come with it.  The problem is you can never get all guys to share you equally for a long period of time.  Wish it would have lasted way longer.  There was a fight over me.  The cops were called, it got pretty ugly.  When the cops found out about our sex-slave relationship, OMG ...pretty ugly, I was just 18.  I just decided to let it go.  I moved out two days later, which was really too bad.  I really enjoyed sex with those guys. 
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well even i wld like to c ur cameltoe...... but ur story n ur pics have already made my tool rock hard standing 90degree ........

very naughty! :D