I never saw the point of underwear. They don't cover anything that isn't also covered by other clothes. I'd rather just be naked.

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tee hee

Like ladies with noundies

Yes, I did later look though your list. It's interesting though, you have one experience that you like your pubic hair and another that you like it shaved. I can certainly understand going between the two of them. Which are you at now?<br />
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Do you enjoy how people look at your breasts when you don't wear a bra?

I go braless as often as I can. I enjoy the male attention I receive, and I feel very free and sexy! Sometimes I like wearing panties/thongs and other times I "forget" them. ;)

tallman, if you had looked at my experience list, you would see I don't like bras either. And for the record, I consider them "underwear" as well.

me too sweety! I hate underwear!

I think it's great that you don't wear any underwear. For me the less the better in all things related to clothes and even personal hygiene. Does this extend also to bras?

That is totally false. The testes do not need to be supported. In fact, the wearing of briefs which forces the scrotum against the body and raises the body heat within the scrotum reduces the fertility of the male. It is best to be without underwear no matter what gender you belong to.

Yes,I was having this question in my mind and asked so many times on the EP but nobody answered it.<br />
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As you see men have got testicles hanging and penis.Also the tests are to be supported so underwear is must for men.<br />
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But for women there is no reason to wear underwear except for the period time or if having some dripping problem.<br />
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Then the cover of pubic hair is sufficient to give protection from some insects trying to seek the entrance.<br />
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I liked the view you expressed.

I agree with hadakarei, just be nude. If there are drippings they either get absorbed in the clothes or they just run down your leg. It is fine, it is what makes a woman what she is!

It's probable that the pills are messing with my hormones, because when I get hot over someone, I don't get as wet as I used to.

Ha, ha.... I sure would have to wash my jeans a helluva lot more often!!!!

No... just sometimes when I take off the undies and look inside I think... wow... good thing that all got absorbed in there! (Especially if I got good and hot and wet over someone!!!!)

I've never minded that happening when it does, I just going with it. I was concerned you were talking about something more serious that I hadn't thought of.

Oh c'mon... we all have some vaginal secretions come out now and then... undies get stained from them and that is better than having the back of my skirts or pants get damp...

I'm not sure exactly what you mean, then. I'm gonna go play in the rain, let me know and I'll read it when I come back.

That's not the only time something drips out down there... I can handle the monthlies too... it's the sneaky excretions that I'm thinking of...

I got some pills from my doctor to make it happen lighter, and a tampon takes care of what's left.

OK, so I didn't ask this before. I buy into the nice feeling of air on my skin... I buy into the money savings... but, ummm... well let's see how I should ask this... there are times when I am very happy I have panties on... you know? Like... when they perform an important function and save my skirts or pants... Yes?