Easy Access

I do not normally wear underwear. I might wear undies if I were wearing a skirt, but that's about it.

I still haven't figured out the purpose of wearing undies on a daily basis. It's just an extra layer of clothes! Where I live it's already hot enough.

For me it's a comfort thing, but guys like it b/c they think it's easy access...;)

honeybunch honeybunch
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7 Responses Mar 28, 2009

Free flow of fresh air just must be more healthy.

i admire your style

deffinitly appealing to think there are girls and women out there who dont where underwear

Be comfortable. That's the main thing.


To her vagina/*****

I LOVE THIS STORY i admire your style. yes why there are cloths? the feeling naked is very pleasurable. but let me add silk string on woman's kitty is seductive and the juice / creme will be so delicious on it but that just in purpos of seduction other wise nothing like naked body

definitely appealing to think of a girl with no underwear - not that it´s easy access, just that she´s happy being natural