Bareback Swingers

We started swinging and visiting swinger clubs 15 years ago when we were 21. This was before the internet so the people you found in those clubs were passionate about meeting others to have sex with (now it's often more a erotic discotheque rather then a sex club). Lots and lots of swingers used no condom and it was great fun. Now it is difficult to find people that accept the choice. Why?? Hiv or other stuff has been around for decades now. It was around when we started and everybody knew the risks. Probably everybody got scared by the publicity and education around ,wich is a good thing. But  for us, we didn't stop doing it without condoms as long as we felt good about it with the partners we were doing it with. As a swinger, if you dont accept the risks, you should stop swinging or wrap yourselfes in plastic all around. No fun there. We often get in discussions with swingers who see us allowing other partners without protection. Those swingers are allways very secure about themselfes, they think they are safe just by having a condom on. They don't think about all the other stuff that you do in the heat of battle. What about your fingers, when a guy jerks of and fingers a lady, what about that and there are tons of more risky gestures. Our point of view is that this is the same us unprotected sex.
We love to do it without condoms, even with people that we don't know, as long as we feel good about the choice we make....
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We stopped using condoms too. Right now we are in Europe and my wife has hooked up with two guys, both cummed in her.

I agree I have been sexually active for over 20 years with lots of different men but I can count on my hands the number of times I have been with a guy that wore a condom. As far as me and hubby we swing, take part in orgies, have gone to ABS, and also have picked guys up at the bar to **** me and we only go bare.

I agree I have been sexually active for over 20 years with lots of different men but I can count on my hands the number of times I have been with a guy that wore a condom. As far as me and hubby we swing, take part in orgies, have gone to ABS, and also have picked guys up at the bar to **** me and we only go bare.

My wife and I went to some house parties back in the 60's, the only way to make contact back then was to buy or subscribe to one of the swingers magazines and write them. My wife was never into condoms even at 15 she refused them. Her mother got her on the pill just before she turned 16 and she stopped taking them the month before we got married, she was 17 I was 18 then. For about 18 months we ****** bare but she hadn't gotten pregnant when we decided to allow one of my friends to **** her. At first she kept track of when she was fertile and we didn't plan anything, a few times she needed the extra attention so she took the loads in her *** but *** still ran down into her ***** opening. We added several more local guys to our circle of friends then we tried breeding her with one of the friends, we tried that for 3 months, he would stay with us for usually 3 days sometimes 4 and breed her numbers of times each day. That didn't take either so we stopped checking when she was fertile to plan anything with the guys. We were not big drinkers, one drink between us usually was it, we talked about going out to find a different guy or guys and decided on a bar located about 60 miles away from home. I got some condoms just in case she wanted to use them and we headed out on a Wednesday evening. We picked Wed that first time because we thought there wouldn't be many at a bar on a Wed evening, we were correct, 3 guys at the bar. Now this place was and still is a red neck bar, all 3 were cowboys, they looked my wife over when we entered the bar, I had put her clothes out for her to wear, a short black skirt and a thin white blouse, I also put out panties and bra for her however she rarely wore either. My wife was never one to hide her feelings about our sexual adventures, she kissed me then told me she was so ******* hot n wet just thinking about the possibilities and the thought that one of those cowboys might **** her she couldn't stand it. I had her go ask one of the cowboys to dance with her, he kept looking over at me and kept his distance, she kept rubbing or bumping against him and I could see the bulge in his jeans, after the dance I had her return to our table where I had her remove her bra and put it in the middle of the table. Her nipples were protruding nicely when I asked her to go ask another cowboy to dance, they fought to get to her, I watched as they kept looking at her ****, the thin blouse wasn't hiding much and she had left several buttons unbuttoned. All 3 of the cowboys were rubbing their ***** when I had her return to our table and remove her panties and put them on the table with the bra. Now we had them really fighting each other, I took her over and they stopped, I asked them if they liked what they saw then I moved her blouse to the side and held her **** in my hands, they took turns sucking her nipples, she was ready to **** when we got there but she was climbing the walls by then, I would kiss her and she would look into my eyes and softly say "please". There was a motel next door so I suggested to the guys that we move outside, we made it as far as a pickup truck, the tailgate went down, they lifted her up on it, I got a blanket from the car and she laid back on it and wam, the first guy hung like a horse got her, she was screaming as I watched his long **** repeatedly disappear into her *****, I had always been there when she was ****** before but this was so ******* hot I knew I would have to get some of it too and soon. She told the cowboy she wanted to feel him *** in her, hell that set him on fire and he did fill her with a huge load of *** and she felt him pressed against her cervix when he was spurting inside of her, she looked at me and said "oh **** hon, i'm ******* on him feeling it", the next guy didn't hesitate to shove his **** into her with the *** running out of her and onto the ground, he ****** her so hard she had tears running down her cheeks but didn't want to stop it. The 3rd was about 6" but VERY fat and had this flared head thet he used to **** her opening, she was sloppy wet by then and that huge knob forcing her open made her *** in just a few minutes the first time then he got into a rhythem and began to get almost a continuous ogasm from her, we had to hold her down and her legs spread open, it was kind of rare to see her close her legs like that so I knew he was getting to her, the sound of his big knob going into that wetness, almost like a sucking sound each time and when he blasted his load into her opening she had the best ******, awesome, she squirted all over him. That was our first bareback with strangers and many more were to come. On the way home that night we stopped twice on the side of the road and ******, when we got home it was around 1 a.m., we ****** on the grass in the front yard and then in the shower, in bed I spooned with her and we fell asleep locked together. That was a hot evening, the next morning my wife asked me if I still loved her, my answer was to make very passionate love to her, after she smiled, we kissed for a long time then ****** again.

I love your attitude, and it's so true, what you say about people not realising what safe sex actually is.<br />
<br />
Bareback forever, and truly enjoy.

We have swung for about 20 years now, never using a condom. We have never had any problems whatsoever.