I don't know what it is about a barefoot Woman/Girl, but I think they are the most beautiful creatures on the face of the earth. I just have too stop and admire their feet when they walk by. Even if their in flip flops I adore them as well, I just worship them, maybe I'm just weird but I can't help it.
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Yes, a barefoot girl in jeans is very attractive!

I think a girl in jeans, a t-shirt and no makeup with her hair down is hot, but when she is also barefoot, she is super sexy to me! I love barefoot women!

Oh yes, natural beauty. No make up. No shoes. No socks. Hair down. control of mind body and morals. yes. Oh don't get me wrong I still believe in morals and even a bit of hatred ( sort of). But certainly barefeet and no makeup are little erogenous zones that I can semi-tolerate. Well maybe. If I say "I hate ****, women and the wankers who fancy them" it's an unforgivable blasphemy I don't mean, like when they write it in the Holy Books so you know what it is! You can do anything if you don't mean it. I know that sexuality is linked to the holiest force in existence. Yet I know what it says in Holy Books about the kind of antic you do on here. And as a blasphemy I don't mean i nkow what I believe in.

I go barefooted alot, and even in the city. I skinnydip in the river in my home city, and there are many guys who like my feet!

Cool, a barefoot girl, love it!

Me, too!

I want to actually talk to a chick called LustyGirl who posts on here first.Seriously lust girl you were the one I wanted to talk to first but I just need to get this done quick. I actually have to do this, while homeless on the hop, so I'm just plain dog sick .Now she is a good example of a person who is not a **** but just has a lot of love and attractiveness to share. But learning to control it is valuable too. Then you can do what you want. Extreme morality one moment, then like you described the next, alternating at will. Contact a group called Models of Diversity, they have a head office in London, England. Just say it's that guy with the Deep Brain Stimulation and who tried not to say 'Let's sell superpowers' that sent you. I work with them and trust me if you are willing to try everything to burn the **** from your soul, everything, then I will make you invincible. Actually lets make it a group thing with you on this thread.