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Car Boot Sales Rule!

Car boot sales, aren't they great?

Well I think they are. I have made loads of money selling my unwanted goods at Car Boot Sales instead of putting them in the bin. But the best thing about Car Boot Sales are the wonderful bagains you can get from them. This week I bought a brand new cardigan for my daughter in perfect condition with the label, of a well known store, still attached with the price of 15 euros on it and I paid just 1 euro! I also bought a  'Kill Bill' film still in the original wrapping for 1 euro.  This summer I bought 2 18 euro bottles of acrylic paint for 2 euros as well as loads of really good books for 50 centimos each! My friend bought my daughter a brand new 50 euro 'Littlest Pet Shop' house for 5 euros. I also bought my daughter a really large hamster cage worth 40 euros for 3 euros!

I love charity shops too, but I feel many overprice goods. Goods in Carboot sales are rarely over priced. I am a real bargain hunter. To me it is only a bargain if (to quote a Bauhaus saying) 'It is beautiful or useful' or preferably both. I don't buy things just because they are cheap. I buy them because I need them or because they give me pleasure. I rarely buy anything new now. It just seems like a total waste of money. If I change my mind about it I can just resell it for more money than I paid for it. You can't do that with shop items! If I see something fashionable, I just buy something from the Car Boot Sale and update it myself. My rich friends always comment on how much they like my designer dresses and trendy house hold items. I keep them guessing where I got them from !(lol).   


artistaeli artistaeli 36-40, F 2 Responses Oct 27, 2009

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Yes I completely agree, the prices in charity shops are very off putting. I know it's 'for charity', but people will only buy if the price is right. If they have enough money to donate, then they will do that separately anyway. I think that charity shops could make more money if they sold things more cheaply. Maybe they are so expensive because the ladies who run them are generally those who don't need to work for financial reasons. I think they are sometimes out of touch with the budgets and spending habits of the cash strapped public. What do you think?

I totally agree! I love car booty's, I've had so many bargains from these. I'm never happier than rooting around a car boot sale on a sunday morning in the sun. <br />
<br />
I started buying car booty items when money was really tight, I bought household things like vases, pictures and mirrors. Great items (no tat) and for a fraction of the price. I then started buying bits and pieces of clothes, originally for my daughter to have in the summer for playing in the garden. Since then though I've had loads of great items and many of them too good to play in!<br />
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I also was a fan of charity shops - I've had some great vintage clothes from charity shops. I once bought a vintage faux fur coat (gutted have since got rid of it and desperate for another). Recently though I have noticed their pricing has gone mad. Some items are cheaper to buy new from the actual shop?! Doesn't make any sense to me. Still I do try and support them, I get a lot of vintage head scarves from my local shop and bought a gorgeous vintage white leather clutch bag last yr. It's fab! Sorry for the long reply....see get me talking about bargains and I'm away!