I Love Base Jumping

What a rush! You want to have control and responsibility over your own life? Learn to be a real calculator of risk, learn how to manage, fold and properly prepare your own chute, analyze your surroundings and the environment for your target... then take the jump.

Check out this vid, these are some pros jumping off the Ghostbar on top the Palm Hotel in Vegas (was just there last new years, it's nice!):

I want to master base jumping and one day own a Wingman Suite... then I want to start making some really crazy stunts!

WonderlustKing WonderlustKing
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3 Responses Jul 16, 2010

How can I start? I know some epic spots in the city where I live. I need training (I know) but after all the parachute jumps, do I just go and do it or what?

Base jumping or the wingman suit?<br />
And safe? Haha. That totally depends on your definition of safe. Def go online and read up. But the thing is, like everything else, there's a high degree of training and education involved. You don't just start doing any of this stuff tomorrow. It takes time. However, these things aren't really supported by any type of insurrance or liability. Thus you can't really do it anywhere public or private, because no one wants to be responsible for that. You're technically supposed to be out in the wilderness on some mountains and high cliffs doing it... at your own risk. But in the name of the sport and the creativity and daringness of stunts, people have decided to take the risks and cross the line beyond the legal parameters. The essense of the sport, however, is meticulous by nature. The level of precission has to be nearly completely flawless, because the goal is not just to land, but to land completely unharmed. That being said, when you combine that kind of expertise in timing and planning for a stunt, and if you follow through well enough, most people who try it (meaning try a stunt on public property, like the Eiffel Tower base jumpers, check it out on youtube!) can also get away with it (that is to say without being arrested).

oh I always wanted to try it, it looks amazing! Is it safe?