The Republican Party Is Stranded On First

      If they believe birth control will win any election at this point in history they're screwed.

     Even cavewomen practiced birth control.  When they didn't want babies... they let it come elsewhere...

     American politics have become absurd getting involved in a woman's right to choose what her body does.

    No wonder men don't vote as much as women.

    Maybe we should... this year in particular?

     These guys are jerks.

Manorkill1 Manorkill1
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2 Responses Feb 23, 2012

Ronald Reagan; spiritual leader of the modern Republican Party understood ba<x>seball, teamwork, and what it takes to succeed. He began as a Democrat. <br />
<br />
Am guessing he didn't much ******* care about how women control their pregnancies.<br />
<br />
He would understand why I chose this category. Politics is just a game... but when our team wins.. we all do.<br />
<br />
Stay in the game. VOTE!

Aside from the allegorical reference, which I get, I'm with IamMorbid: it doesn't have to do with ba<x>seball. As for the Republicans, they shoot themselves in the foot like this every time by getting mired down in social issues. Not that they're not important, but none of the candidates have really spelled out in great detail what they'll do to foster job creation and get the economy moving -- it's the most important thing facing us, at least domestically. The Republicans are jerks for paying too much heed to the religious wingnuts just as the Democrats are jerks for getting too involved with the loony-Left moonbats.

Got you talking didn't I ? You need to talk more... pitchers and catchers are showing up for spring training... What exactly is a "loony-left moonbat?"

Obama supporters and the mainstream media are loony-Left moonbats, for two great examples.