Chilling down in the cellar watching baseball!!!!!
JennyTom JennyTom
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what a place to watch baseball


Great looking legs!!

Thank you!!!!

Nothing like it!


Go Cubs!


You may laugh, but if not this year next season will be HUGE.


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Your legs look like burnt turkey legs at Disney World.

you look fat and a NIEGER

Your comeback is worse than Britney Spear's comeback single. Oh man, can't you come up something better, turkey legs?

I would rather be dead than a stupid NIEGER

You're not spelling the word right. Pretty much irony how you seem like a good person - hating on drugs and preventing suicide - yet here you are, insulting. Shame.

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You changed? Did your husband enjoy rubbing the leather while you had it on?

Yes I did, just got it back from the dry cleaners, wore it for my husband when he came home:)

Heels and the black hose? My favorite color hose.

mine to:)

NICE legs!!! Now i know I won't be able to sleep tonight. LOL


I can handle it. LOL

the leather is soft:)

Well if your legs are resting on a soft leather couch you don't need to be wearing boots. LOL What game are you watching? I'm watching Mets game.

same game on espn, no the couch is cow leather:)

Not that soft then. Mets are off to a slow start.

its very soft:)

What do I know. You are the leather expert.


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Very hot view!!! Love it!! On a nice leather couch too.

I love rubbing my toes on the leather, makes a cool noise:)

With the hose on too!!

of course, LOL

Gorgeous legs

Thank you!!!!!!

You are an amazing woman and your husband is lucky to have you

LOL, hes upstairs watching some movie, LOL

Not your legs? Shame on him

he's with the girls watching a movie

Then that's ok. I understand

lol, we all had dinner together, I love baseball, LOL

I think you like all sports

I do, my dad liked them to, and we watched together as a kid, LOL

My dad didn't like sports so I didn't watch them much. I am watching shooting shows

My wife loves football and baseball

thats cool:)

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