I Like Wearing Diapers And Using The Bathroom In Them

I am new to wearing diapers. I have to steal them from stores. Because I'm not tell my parents. I don't have a problem I just like wearing them. I'll still pee and poop in them because I can but I'll never wear them anywhere else but at home. I like the feel of them and I'm taking advantage of not going to the bathroom. That's why I LOVE DIAPERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I also like the feel when I do pee and poop in them. Do y'all think something is wrong with me?
diaperlover128 diaperlover128
4 Responses Jan 3, 2012

Just tell your parents print out how to act when your child in wearing diapers and put it where she will see it and after she's read it tell her she will follow it! And STOP stealing plz! You can go to prison with no diapers!

I make homemade diapers and then use the bathroom in them
I like the feel of them

First stop stealing them! Secondly, talk to your parents. If not talk to someone you think you can trust and see if you can get them without causing you more harm. There are places that give out samples. If you need more help aquiring let someone know.

no i like to wear diapers. and i like to pee in them. i just dont poop in them lol.

me too i like to wear diapers and pee in the no poop though