I Like Peeing In Diapers

I like to wear diaper I get deffrent one every time to see what I like . Some time at night I wake up and I pee my self then go back to bed I love it . Be for my girlfriend was over an she had a diaper on we touching and grabbing ur boobs and ever thing an she stop and she's like I peed my self :) I'm like I did too I love wetting my diapers
Rstremble Rstremble
4 Responses Apr 22, 2012

I hear ya brother wet diapers feel so great on your skin

Thats hot

only been into peeing in diapers for a week and i love it. told my wife last week while camping i am seeing how much pee my diaper would hold she laughed and said i was crazy, she didn't talk against it tho

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