Im Going to a Suns Game

Will i love watching and playing basketball. i love watching the sun weather they win or lose. what is everyone favorite team and player. mine is the Phoenix suns and my favorite players are Nash and stadermior i played basketball ball in middle school and in high school. i was the first sophmore to make varsity. tell me your opinion.

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Thanks. I used to have seasons tickets to go watch the visiting teams (not the Wizards). Now I just do not watch as I can hear the bad news every night on the local news!

I saw that the game was on TNT, but I had other things that I wanted and needed to do so I missed the game but saw the final score.

Good game with the Suns tonight. Spurs never lose when they score 100+ points, and tonight they had a big night from the big three.

That the problem whuttup, they should not be able to beat the Lakes, but it is not over till the games are played!

Ya the Spurs are my team and I'll support them to the end, but I don't know if they can beat LA 4 our of 7 times. I don't know that anyone can. <br />
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Or maybe I should re-phrase that, no one SHOULD be able to beat the Lakers in a series. They have too much talent at too many positions. Their second unit, when healthy, is as good as 1/2 the league's starting lineups. <br />
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But maybe my boys can pull it off one last time, that would be sweet. We'll see.

The sSuns are a fun team and they now have Shaq, but unfrtunately it is the over the hill Shaq. They are fun to watch, but they do not have the team to compete at the championship level as everyone here has noted. I also think the the Spurs are getting long in the teeth, but they do have the commitment to defense which wins game in the playoffs. I Predict that it will be the Lakers representing the west in the Finals and the winner of the Celtics/Cavalier eastern final match!<br />
BTW, the Suns were in town to wallop my local team the Wizards (worst in the league, ugh!). Have fun watching the rest of the season.

well I suppose if you had a celtics headband and some NY Knick shoes you would have been all set. lol

Bill Simmons "the sports guy" has a recent article out about D'Antoni and the SSOL (seven seconds or less) Suns era that is a really good read. You should check it out if you haven't read it yet. <br />
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what do you mean?

Well i hope you will watch the game on thirsday whoever wins and thats that i hope you enjoy the game

That's cool that you're so easy going about it, most Suns fans I come across hate the Spurs so much because of their recent playoff battles that they take it out on me lol.

Well i don't hate anybody thats your option i just like the suns i have been a fan since i was two years old now i'm going to be 21 and still like them win or loose. i think it will be a good game weather they win or loose. i'm still going to like them.

Given your story, you'll probably hate me, but whatever...<br><br />
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I'm a huge Spurs fan, I've been a fan of theirs for 20 years, the year they drafted Robinson. <br><br />
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I like the Suns, and they're one team that I am always pulling for if my team can't make it. I'm actually a little conflicted whenever they meet up in the playoffs, because I do admire Nash so much. He's such a crafty and smart pla<x>yer. <br><br />
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Unfortunately I think they really shouldn't have broken up their team, firing D'Antoni, trading Marion, Bell, and Diaw... I used to love to watch them as the S.S.O.L. team.