Tough Break This Season!

Well, I am a JV BB coach and an assist. Varsity coach. Last Thursday was our last game this season for the varsity. We did pretty well this year, making it to the 4th round of the District Tournament. We had some terrible luck this year. We started out great in the tournament. We beat a team we had split the season with, and we beat them by 20+ pts. In the second round, if we won, we would be garuanteed a trip to state (our girls team hasn't gone to state in over 20 yrs.) Well, we fell behind 0-4. We called timeout to calm the girls down, they looked a little anxious or nervous. We then scored 13 straight points to lead 13-4 going into the 2nd qtr. Well, 1min into the 2nd qtr our PG blows out her right knee. Keep in mind we have a tight 7man rotation and our back up point is my daughter, who is a freshman. Well, needless to say our teams heads all dropped and you could just see it in their eyes, that they felt it was over. We playd the rest of the half like we didn't even belong in the same gym with this team even though it was their gym and we had more fans there than they did. Despite looking and playing deflated we went into the lockerroom with only a 3 pt deficit. We tried to build their spirits back up and get them ready for the second half because we still had more than enough talent to win. I tried calming my daughter down because she was playing scared. We started the second half strong and we were able to hang with the othr team for awhile until the unthinkable happen... our 6th man blew her knee out. One of our 7man rotation girls tore her ACL also. I couldn't believe our horrible luck!  I knew the game was going to be physical but this was rediculous. Of course this was the last straw and if our girls weren't completely deflated before they were now. The 2 girls we lost were our high energy girls. When they were on the floor, they would be constantly flying all over the place. Our point guard was super quick and she looked always out of control but she always got the ball where it needed to be. Despite this, we limped into the 4th qtr with a 8pt deficit. Still within striking distance. But our girls were tired, hurt and demoralized. We wound up losing by 14. By the next practice we found out the extent of all of our injuries; PG-torn ACL, Wing-torn ACL, Forward-fract jaw, SG-sprained ankle. Unfortunately we are from a small school (less than 150 for the entire HS) so when we have more than a couple of talented players, it is amazing but to lose so many players at once was to much. Well, after losing that game, we were put into the losers bracket of course. We could still make it to state but we had to win 2 more district games and win a state play-in game just to make it to the Big Bracket for state. We won the very next game by 4pts and 2 days later we lost to a team we definately could have beaten at full strength. Our girls were disappointed of course but somehow relieved that it was over. I have coached BB for 16 yrs and I have never had to deal with injuries this bad in a single game. Despite the losses, we gained important experience for our younger girls. This year we had 6 seniors, 4 sophmores and 1 freshman. Only 2 of those seniors saw significant playing time so we are only looking better for next season. I keep looking back and questioning what we could have done better to prepare ourselves for that kind of situation in the future. My only complaint this year with our head coach was lack of playing time for some players. During the season, we had about 6 or 7 blowout wins in which I thought he should have played the bench players more, I thought he played to run up the score too much. If he asks me my thoughts about the season and how we could improve I will probably bring it up to him. Anyway, its all in the past now and its time to get ready for spring and summer ball. Man I love basketball but I really hate when bad things happen to young players. Thanks for reading.

parradox parradox
36-40, M
Feb 15, 2009