Amazing Game!

I wanted to share another story about a basketball game thats not so grim, like my previous one. I coach 3 AAU teams during the winter. A 5th grd boys, 6th grd girls and 8th grd girls. I am a HS girls coach so its only obvious I coach girls AAU. The only reason I coach the boys team is because of my son, I dont want him to get left behind.He is no athlete by any stretch of the imagination. Anyway, 2 saturdays ago my 8th girls had a game at 11am, and it turned out to be one of the more exciting games of my coaching career. The game was back and forth the entire time. No team took more than a 3pt lead at any time. Well the 4th qtr was coming to a close and we had been able to build a 3pt lead on free throws with 6 secs left on the clock and no timeouts. I told my girls not to foul but to put a little pressure on the ball to make sure they couldn't get a clean look at the basket. Well, they trew it in from their baseline and the girl pushed it up the floor with a defender on her. She managed to pass it just past half court to one of there leased experience players with only 2 secs on the clock. Well she was able to take one dribble (not even looking for or facing the basket mind you) and she did a spinning hook shot from near the half court line and banked it in as the buzzer went off! I was in total shock! Our side of the bleachers, which up to 5 secs ago was loud as could be, was now dead silent and people were just looking at each other with their mouths gaped open. My girls slowly walked off the floor and I almost couldn't find anything to say I was sitll in so much shock. But I managed to tell them not to worry and to shake it off, we were still going to win this game. After talking to the officials about overtime rules I reassured the girls and made plans for the rest of the 3mins of the game. The next 3mins weren't as eventful, even thought we had to go to another overtime before we finally won, mostly because it was done from the free throw line but it was still a great win and an awesome learning experience for the girls. Thanks for reading.

parradox parradox
36-40, M
Feb 15, 2009