My Infatuation!

I am completely infatuated with bat rays! I first saw bat rays at SeaWorld in San Diego last year, and got to see them again at the Aquarium of the Pacific in Long Beach....and seeing them a second time only solidified by complete infatuation with them.

I am rarely afraid to try anything at least once, and getting to interact with them in the shallow pools was so exciting for me. Just sticking my hand into the water as they glide by was thrilling, and I think I stood there for 20 minutes just wanting to touch them. They would swim up and do something called spyhopping, where they would breach the surface of the water, pushing their heads up, almost as if they were saying "hi".....and I was taken! As they would glide under my hand, I would pet the top of their head, or let their wings slide through my fingers.

I would go to any aquarium just to be able to touch them once again, to pet the top of their head, and to see them poke their heads out of the water to get a better look at me. They are so cute, and I am completely infatuated!
Lucidblue Lucidblue
36-40, F
Aug 5, 2010