Straight Up Chillin'

I am the founder of this group, I made it when I had an account before.. that is me in the group's photo.. this is my story.

I've always loved robes, I think rockin' a good robe is pimp as ****. I have had several in my life, currently I have two. The picture Iused for this group is me.. wearing my favorite one.. my beloved Ralph Lauren. It's navy blue and very light. It's fantastic for lounging, at night or in thr morning. My other is an extremely plush baby blue spa robe that I acquired at a hotel/spa in Fashion Island in Orange County. I have worn that thing outside with nothing on under it in freezing *** -snow.. or ice, on the ground.. didn't feel ao much as a slight drift.. until my girlfriend (at the time) decided her Northface jacket wasn't warm enough and burried herself in there, too.. even though she always gave me **** for wearing one. I used to have an awesome white NAUTICA one as well.. but an ex took it..
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Agreed. :) I love how comfortable they are. I wish I can wear mine to school. Lol. Bummer about your Nautica one by the way. :/

Haha.. I just realized I called you 'Lauren' here, Laura.. so sorry, my love..

Quite to the contrary my dear Lauren.. had I known she had plans on taking it, she wouldn't have taken it.. I gave her more than enough.. never been used by a girl in my life as much ax her. And as far as the "pimp as ****" remark, thatms just me referring to it being an expensive Ralph Lauren robe.. and I didn't coin it "pimp as ****" my roommates at rehab in Orange County/ Newport Beach did.. I was just being silly.

I don't know about "pimp as ****", but damn they are cozy.

You seem too be very compliant when girls ask you to give them your clothes ;)