I Like Nothing Better

than to read a book or magazine in the bath, it's my favourite way to relax. I can spend an hour or more in there, topping it up with more hot water when needed. It's a pity my current flat doesn't have a bath.  

IndigoPeachblossom IndigoPeachblossom
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3 Responses Mar 18, 2009

I'll wash your back for you..

i love baths! sometimes i like to take a bath and a shower at the same time...makes me feel like i'm in a waterpark or something. kind of childish. but fun. but baths are an amazing way to relax and feel at ease. especially when you cannot sleep

Ahh, yesss....I used to rent this little cottage that had an very large, old fashioned tub...it was wonderful to fill it practically to the top with steaming hot water, sink in all the way to my ears and just let every muscle let go of the day...I miss that tub...SS