There Should Have Been At Least A Spin-off.

  1. Battlestar Galactica wasn't your typical sci-fi series. It had humor,philosophical speculations about artificial intelligence,romantic entanglements,religious themes and it touched on current events. The characters were not one dimensional cardboard cutouts but full three dimensional ones that popped out of the screen and made you care about them. Maybe the show was too smart for its own good,or the scheduling was to blame or it aired on the wrong network, the ratings were not strong enough for the series or at least a spin-off to continue. I believe though that with better backing and already dedicated fan base the show should have been given a second chance.           The last episode wasn't completely satisfying for me though they tried admirably to tie the innumerable loose ends. The writers finally gave us something that was only hinted at previously ; a Mormon religious view of the universe(and I thought that because of all the sex that was portrayed on the show it wasn't going to happen,silly me). I forgive them for injecting their religious beliefs at the end because of the many great storylines that preceded the last episode. To conclude I  want to say that if I'm ever in a spaceship hurtling towards the unknown I want Edward James Olmos as my commander.I don't care that he is an actor; he was born to lead us home or wherever we're going safe and sound. SO SAY WE ALL.                                                                                                       

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**Mormon religious view of the universe**<br />
i must have missed something there!