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Great While It Lasted.

This series was a definite brake the mold sci-fi story line. When it first aired people said it couldn't compare to the original....they were so wrong. This was written to be nothing like the original...raw,real in your face like it or hate strait up *** kicking action/drama. I really think it could have been made to be a stand alone movie franchise. I watch the re-runs on BBC and never get tired of it. The spin off "Caprica" was ok, it gave a little back story. Not sure what else I can say about the series other than that it was great while it sets of the show on DVD are in my collection.
jatpack3 jatpack3 41-45, M 1 Response Jan 29, 2012

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yea for sure. i liked caprica as well. i am watching battlestar thru for the second time. i think i liked it the first time better. its kind of heartbreaking since i know the end already