I've Missed Too Much


Damn, for some reason I assumed it was cancelled after season one. I liked this show more then the other failed show in years gone by I watched (Invasion) and I might even get the DVD of this before I get the DVD for star trek voyager.

On Monday night, after 11pm…I stumbled across it. And damn! Why wasn’t I told? A bit of google detective work tells me that It’s been on since May…SINCE MAY! This is what I get for not watching television as much as I used to. Sheet, I’m pretty bummed that I’ve missed a few episodes…or most of the episodes that would have joined the dots from season one…The network folks who decide time-slots need a boot up the asinine, they put crappy American Sitcoms and dramas on in prime-time…and save all the real quality till after 11pm…are they trying to dumb down this country?

smebro smebro
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3 Responses Aug 16, 2007

Ahhh the Battle Star girls. *sigh*

We keep getting all these cool shows, I get hooked...and look online...only to see that they have been canceled shortly into the season. Very disappointing.

Lol...too late. Our country thrives on mediocrity and cheap thrills. Very few people appreciate the complexity of shows like Battlestar. It might make them think...