My Secret Bbw Lover Takes It In All Ways In Any Position

For years I have had steady relationships with "normal" women.

While I would not deem any of them supermodels, they have been of average height and weight, and I would consider most of them to be quite attractive.
I never thought that I would become obsessed with BBWs until I met my secret BBW princess. 

It was an average day and I was at Sheetz getting some gas and a drink.  I saw her as I came around to the back of the store.  She is about five foot five inches tall, brown hair and eyes, I would say about 250 pounds.  She had on tight shorts (strange for a cool spring day) and a tight shirt that highlighted her huge breasts and large belly.  Her curvy *** was straining inside of her shorts and she caught me staring at it as I walked up. 

She looked me up and down as I reached into the cooler beside her.  She said "did you like what you saw?"  I was startled and said "excuse me/"  She stepped closer to me and said "you were checking out my backside, did you like it?"  She had a smile and a serious look on her face as she stood very close to me.  Faking confidence, I said "yes I do, you are very attractive."  She continued to smile and said, "you are kinda cute, tella what I am heading over to the movies over at the mall later with some friends.  They want to see Titanic 3-D but I don't.  Why don't you stop by around eight o'clock?" 
Man she was gorgeous, and her confidence was overwhelming to me.  I quickly said "yes - I will be there."  She said ok and walked away.

Eight o'clock could not come fast enough.  I blew off some plans and was there about right on time.  I saw her talking with some friends and she waited till I walked over to speak to me.  I said hello and we talked for a while.  She said - look I share an apartment with Tiffany (one of the girls who went to see the movie).  I want to get to know you - let's go back to my place."  She did not need to ask me twice and we when to her place about 5 miles from theater. 

She kissed me once the door was shut, and she was naked within a couple of minutes.  Her body was incredible, enormous **** and *** and she kissed me all over.  I lavished her with my mouth and enjoyed every part of her.  I pleasured her orally and fingered her fast and she climaxed hard.  Surprisingly she pulled my fingers out and pushed them into her ***.  I fingered her there and she loved it.  After a moment she laid me down and gave me the best blow job I have had by far.  I was going to ask if she was on birth control (I wanted to **** her badly) when she crawled up on me.
She put my **** into her *** and rode it hard.  She was touching herself as she bounced up and down.  It only took a couple of minutes for her to ***, and I was about to unload.  She noticed my heavy breathing and got off my ****.  She put my manhood between over breasts and I ***-****** her until I dropped my load onto her neck and chin.  I was the best sex I have ever had.

After we recovered, she told me that she was not ready for a relationship, and that she did not want anyone knowing about us, as she recently had a break-up (with a girl - she is bisexual) and did not want to upset her ex.  We have found ways to hook-up regularly, and each time is better than the last.  I hope that she will be comfortable to go public with our relationship soon, as I want show her off around town. 
CrossBoss CrossBoss
36-40, M
May 6, 2012