My Secret Bbw Princess Holds Something Sexy And Special Away From Me

I wrote last time of my secret BBW princess whom I met at a convenience store. She is incredibly attractive and the first time we had sex it blew my mind. She was an incredible lover and did things I could before only imagine. I have tried to get her to be my girlfriend but she has resisted. I have seen her now on nine occasions. At her request we either come back to my place (she lives with a roommate who seems nice) or go out to a place far away from the area we live around. Our conversations are great, and her company is always enjoyable, but the sex is the highlight for sure.

The first two times we had sex, she gave me the full package. Oral sex, regular intercourse, and anal sex as well. The next few times it was limited to her giving me oral sex or us having anal sex. Last night while we are at my place getting in the mood I asked her why is she holding her honeypot (her words) away from me. She sighed and told me the reason. She is a bisexual, and she wants to keep her honeypot a lesbian. I didn't (and still in some ways don't) understand. She said that in keeping it from me she is not committing to a straight relationship. I was upset, but she calmed my nerves. She told me that she keeps her *** ready at all times, clean and ready for me. For the first time she had me give her a rim job, and she loved it. After one of her signature blow jobs he climbed on me and rode me with my **** deep in her ***. It is hard to be upset when her huge **** are in my face and her *** is swallowing my ****. I came deep in her and we held each other for a long time.

I am not sure where this is going, but it is an incredible rush so far.
CrossBoss CrossBoss
36-40, M
May 18, 2012