Collecting Sea Glass

I have been collecting sea glass for over twenty years and have wandered beaches throughout the world looking for sea glass and other sea changed treasures. One of my favorite sea glass colors is cornflower blue. It is a beautiful soft ethereal blue. Many sea glass collectors consider cornflower blue sea glass to be more rare than cobalt blue sea glass. However, over a fifteen year period in Puerto Rico I collected far more cornflower blue sea glass than cobalt blue. It is a real mystery to me as to why there is so much more in Puerto Rico. However, mystery heightens the beauty of beachcombed treasures.

seaglassmermaid seaglassmermaid
1 Response Mar 5, 2009

Hi Seaglassmermaid - What an interesting story about blue seaglass! I had no idea that some beaches had more of one color than others! Cornflower blue is indeed a beautiful color. The beaches on my island have dried up and I don't beachcomb for glass much anymore but I do collect pebbles or rather smooth completely round rocks. They are amazing and look so beautiful in my garden. These kind of rocks are not so easy to find as you would think, in fact, I know of only one beach that has such rocks. Do you do anything with your glass? I keep thinking I'll make candle holders or something like that but I never do. When I first started beachcombing I met a man that told me he used to collect the bottle stoppers that are so popular to beachcombers. He said at one point he had jars of them in all different colors but for financial reasons had to sell them! Wow - I still remember wishing with all my heart that I had been able to purchase a few - especially the blue ones! Sometimes my partner used to get a little weary of all my beachcombing but I used to point out that except for gas it was a free hobby - unlike some of my others. If you have the time I'd love to hear more about your beachcombing stories.