Me Too!

I have a small beagle, named Snoopy! She is the love of my life. I've had other dogs too (three Jack Russells, most recently), and they were also my loves. My first JR just died (she was 14 years old, a good life, but she could have lived longer were it not for aggressive cancer). My other two JRs live a good life with my ex husband. As for 'Snoopy' stuff, I love it too. My niece and her parents went to Camp Snoopy at Mall of the Americas and they brought me back a Camp Snoopy tee shirt, which i LOVE. I would love to get a Snoopy tattoo, probably I would go for the classic "Snoopy dance", which to me is the ultimate symbol of pure joy! My favourite, favourite, FAVOURITE music is the soundtrack from "A Charlie Brown Christmas". It fills my whole being with happy memories and good feelings. I play it year-round!
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I've always been a cat person, but as a kid in Washington State, we had a beagle. I named him Happy, because he was always wagging his tail and was happy to see you.<br />
He came from a long line of hunting dogs and I think being in a yard as a family dog just wasn't enough for him. He ran away and I was really sad, but just before we moved, we ran into Happy. I knew it was him when I called him and he came to me. He was apparently on his own and had teamed up with a german shepard. He looked healthy and happy so that did my heart some good. If I were to get another dog, it would have to be a beagle.

Oh my goodness, Moxie - I could also cry just thinking of your Snoopy. I don't suppose you had any idea of his weak vertebra, so it much have been a terrible, terrible shock. Thankfully you have the years of happy memories with him. A beagle/basset mix must be absolutely adorable!<br />
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As soon as I looked at my little Snoops, I had to name her Snoopy. It just made sense and it suited her instantly. I actually do get the odd comment like, "oh, how original", but those aren't dog people so it's okay!

I wonder if Snoopy is the most popular dog name in the world. I used to have a half beagle and half basset hound and named him Snoopy. He was the love of my life and went across the USA several times with me. He was so intelligent an could sense my every thought and mood. He lived to be only 7 years old. He had a weak vertebra in his back that snapped as he jumped out of the van - it severed a nerve and he became paralyzed. It was back in the 80's and we didn't have the techniques we have now to correct it. It was the hardest decision in the world I had to make to have him put to sleep. I cried and cried for days and tears still come to my eyes when I think about it.