Snoopy's Camping Trip

A couple of weekends ago, I took my Snoopy camping. This was her first real camping trip, and especially the part about sleeping in a tent was new. The campsite was in a popular campground, so there were lots of people and other dogs, so Snoopy had a lot of fun saying HI to everyone. Right at my campsite, there was a squirrel who enjoyed teasing Snoops, so that gave her endless hours of entertainment. (Of course, I had her on a long leash, or else she would have to explore for miles!).

Snoopy has had campfires before, and when it came time to sit around the fire, she was right into it! No lying  on the ground for her though, she demanded her own camp chair (which of course she got). There's nothing like falling asleep by the fire, and then being wakened up when Mommy is offering you a hot dog!

At bedtime, Snoopy was ready to crawl into bed. The tent didn't faze her one bit. However when we got settled in and everything was quiet, she could hear all the forest sounds.. so some woofs and a couple of howls started. She is a good girl though, and after I explained that everything was normal and okay, she settled in again.

At around... oh I don't know... maybe 3:30am?... I started to wake up a little bit. I could hear Snoops whimpering - that's the signal that she needs to go out to pee. (It's also the signal that she is ready to come back inside again). So I started to try to find her, find the flashlight, etc, but I couldn't.. I could hear her, she was right beside me, but I could not find her! I finally got the flashlight and when I turned it on, I still could not find Snoopy. I could hear her though, she was right here somewhere.... And then all of a sudden I saw this little nose poking through the tent door.. of course it was Snoopy, but she was trying to push her way IN to the tent! Well it seems that she had somehow pushed her way out (I suppose she got the zipper to 'unzip' by pushing on it), and now she was ready to come back in.

Well I can only imagine where she had gone, and how long she had been gone for. She probably had a huge big adventure.. Mommy was pretty horrified at the thought, but what a good girl, she found her own tent in the campground and came back to it!

Well now Snoopy is a seasoned camper. She loved everything about it.  We stayed for two nights, and the next night she slept the whole night through.

There is NOTHING ELSE like a beagle!
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1 Response Aug 11, 2007

This is very interesting because I have beagle too. He tried to run away few times and we finally catched him. Beagle is a very very smart dog and sometimes I think they are over smart. They know how to treat people differently and you can tell when he looks at you. Now I need to train myself on how to train him after 2 years with him. Is it funny?