Dark, Brown N*pples (pic)

My nipples are always erect and they show through most, if not all my tops. The further along I get in my pregnancy, the bigger they seem to get. I love to watch my husband suck on them and make them long and hard. Here's a pic I took while driving...
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I'd LOVE to be your adult baby suckling your big protruding nipples for hours without end.

wicked nice nipples and ****

O ya

Wish you would send me some pics of those, better yet do you live in Texas ?.

wow, simple wow

Great pic, thanks for sharing, you have beauties there indeed! You are fortunate to have such a lovely pair and I appreciate your sharing the photos with us!

Wow !! Very nice !!

Mmmmmm pleasr add me to friends

Keep up the good work & keep taking pics.

mmmmm perfect!


Magnificent. Please add me as a friend.

Those r amazing!


Wanna see your pregnant belly too

Yep! Hard nipples poking through a shirt are sooooo sexy and hot!


great thick nipples

You have gorgeous breast. My mom had big nipples too and never wore a bra.

mmm very nice **** and especially those nipples, i do love them very much

Very, very nice.

Wow...what I wouldn't give to have those to myself for an hour!

Beautiful! Thank you for showing your sexy, big, brown, tasty looking nipples and breasts! Your husband is a lucky guy. ;)

Amazing nipples, ur husband is a lucky man.

wow so your hubby can suck on those gorgeous dark nips while you drive...what a drive that would be ;)

Oh daaaaamn look so damn yummy ....

Those are gorgeous *******, nipples and aereolas. I'd LOVE suck on them please.

I love to suck on big nipples like those...YUMMY!!!