Hammer And Anvil

A species of chimpanzees found an ingenious way to crack nuts - through the hammer and anvil method.

And here our story begins.

Deep in a rainforest, a female chimpanzee, frustrated and sad, stares hopelessly at a nut before her, a nut she has tried countless times to crack. She had found a good stone platform to act as the anvil, but was just unable to find a hammer in the form of a suitably sized stone. A frown deepens on her forehead as her hunger pangs grew. Oh, how she wished to open that nut.

She hears some movement amongst the foliage. Immediately, she looks up to see a male chimpanzee, cracking a nut with much ease. She stares at him, her eyes lingering hopefully at the stone he holds in his hand.

The male notices her. Their eyes meet for a brief instant. Feeling something may be wrong, the male approaches the female, and realizes her predicament. Without hesitating, he offers his "hammer" to the female, who accepts with immense gratitude. The female quickly proceeds to crack her nut, with a newly formed smile on her face.

We humans claim ourselves to be higher order beings compared to animals, and yet, more often than not, we act selfishly, if not worse, in our pursuit for the great targets and goals we all want to achieve. Yet animals are out there to tell us, no matter how insignificant we think they may be, that there exists much greater things in life, much greater than all the materialistic ideals out there. For in this simple act of lending a hammer to a fellow mate, two chimps have demonstrated what we have most often overlooked in life - the importance of love and care, sharing and helping, happiness and gratitude.

Look out for one another, help others within your capability, and make life a beautiful place, just like how the chimpanzees live :)

- as seen on on documentary "Life" (the awesome one :D)
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3 Responses May 1, 2012

i think over it a lot of ttimes. it brings nothing but hopelessness :(

That's beautiful and as I read it I remembered this new movie called Chimpanzee. It's almost the same. Anyways -rates up-

Yes, this was wonderful to watch :)