Miracle And Joy Of A Hamster

I actually have an amazing animal story and it comes from the most unlikely animal.After all dogs cats and bears are the only animals with intelligence.Wrong.Hamsters in this real life story are intelligent to.
When i was younger we found how to tell the sex of a hamster.It wasnt to hard male hamsters love to mess around and females go entirely motionless.Anyway.My cousins hamster and my hamster copper had a total of fourteen baby hamsters all lived unlike the first time when the mother ate them all then died herself.It was so beautiful seeing the baby hamsters grow fur and open there eyes this time around.We kept them for a short time.In which time we were always playing with them and putting them in our doll house and holding them.Eventually we sold them all except my hamster.My hamsters son named blackie and his daughter who i believe we named her sapphire not quite sure though.But these two hamsters were given to my older sister and my younger brother.We enjoyed them a lot and i enjoyed my hamster the most.
Anyway one day we decided to take the hamsters outside while cleaning the cage out.I think they were in a closed of cage so they couldnt get out.
One of are neighbors came by to hang out and see what we were doing.Somehow he got hold of my brothers hamster blackie.My brother sisters werent watching but i noticed him holding the hamster by the scruff of its neck.Hamsters dont like this and the hamster was under stress.But when we told him to stop he wouldnt and he would not give the hamster back either.So he threw the hamster across the street onto hard concrete.The hamster was okay but as we went to that hamster he went for copper and before anyone could do he spotted the sewer drain and i watched my hamster fall into that dark sewer.I remember screaming and crying so loud that my family says other neighborhood kids came out and wondered what was going on.I cried and i screamed till my parents came out.I went inside the house and continued to cry and then said a prayer to god asking him to give me back my hamster.I said id do anything for my hamster back.What i didnt know is outside people were trying to help.Some neighborhood kids found an open sewer ditch around the corner which wouldve been on the side of my house.My mom got very creative and found a bucket of food which she lowered into the drainage.Suprisingly the hamster came to the sound of food and then he got in the bucket and my mom pulled him out.Unharmed and just dirty.I had that hamster for a time and i loved that hamster.I felt like he could understand me and ill never forget him.R.I.P copper love you
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Aw :) This is a great story :)