I Just Need A Person Who Wears It For Me.

Clothing stores are just full of stuff I would love to buy. Silky panties, stockings, corsets, shoes with ridiculously high heels, dresses that are really excuses for dresses... but not for myself. I couldn't ever wear those things, I wouldn't be comfortable in them. It's not an insecurity issue, I just like to be on the viewing (and groping) side.

I would love to have a girlfriend who would let me dress her up. I'd drag her around the stores all day, buying all nice things and the sexiest lingerie I can find for her. It would be hard for my wallet, but if she really agreed to wear things I want, it would be so worth it. Not necessarily in public, just for me.

And then, we would go back home and she would let me try how different combinations and styles would look on her. Plus, she would let me take pictures, for...err... personal use only, of course. Not for share. (Ok, would any girl or woman actually let me do that? Shh, it's my fantasy, anything can happen! XD)

Now, what I'm missing is a girlfriend. And money. But food is overrated anyway, if I would get what I want I could live with corn, rice and water for a while.
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I need a female to wear lingerie for me too. Sadly, I will never get to have that and will be stuck just dreaming about it.

A victim! ... No, I meant a volunteer. Really.<br />
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Ah, such a shame I don't know you in real life. I can only dress you up in my daydreams. But I promise not to neglect that duty. :D