Nothing can be more liberating than wearing something sexy underneath staid and boring business clothes. Thongs certainly fit the bill!! Love is heaven is a brand that I really like.
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First of all, I am straight.<br />
But I do agree about thongs, yet I don't know why?<br />
Does that sound strange?<br />
My wife, who is very attractive, has to wear a business suit to work (she is a teacher),<br />
But when she comes home, the first thing she does (after reading her mail and making a cup of tea) LOL, is to go upstairs, get ******** off and either put on a dressing gown (robe) or change into a top and jeans.<br />
She NEVER wears a bra when we go out. But occasionally wears a thong (for modesty reasons..but only if she is wearing a see-thro dress and even then, if she hasn't shaved!).<br />
Of course, she is showing her female 'bits'. But we go to the right places, where she isn't going to be "gawped at".<br />
When we go on holiday, we always find a topless or nudist beach in Europe,and it is no big deal!<br />
If someone told an American that doughnuts were bad for your health, there would be an outcry!<br />
So why is the big 'hang-up' about nudity?<br />
Or thongs for that matter!<br />
Thongs certainly do not sort out a female hygeine issue (as I am sure most women would agree. They are 'uncomfortable' as my wife says.<br />
So why not go 'commando'?<br />
Women would, eventually feel more comfortable. The appeal of a thong-wearing woman would, in time, lose it's attraction to men..and everyone, bar the sex shops, would be happy with the savings they made over the year!<br />
It makes sense to me - as long as with the savings made, wives did NOT buy more doughnuts!<br />
Agreed?<br />
Let me know - if you dare!<br />

I totally agree! Especially when I am wearing a conservative business siut, shirt and tie over my lacy bra, camisole, panties and nylons!