Feeling Sexy

Everyone has something or somethings that make them feel sexy. I love sexy bras and panties and lingerie. My tastes range from lacy and frilly to scant and sparse to leather. I like it all lol It depends on my mood. My favorite panties are thongs and g strings. I love em. Nothing like a sexy little thong or g hidden under the work clothes to make you feel sexy all day long. ;)

The thing that I'm digging right now is the corsets. I'm a bbw and I love the fact that there are just as many sexy options out there for us bbw's as there are for everyone else. :) There are these two leather corsets that MUST me mine lol With matching leather thong. lol High leather boots a plus. Hmmm, maybe I could go to the adult store and get that soft leather "whip" and make it an interesting night... ;)

You know when you look good in something and wearing beautiful lingerie can give you a little confidence boost to help find that sex kitten inside yourself.

I also like to see other women in lingerie. I think that women celebrating their bodies is so beautiful, no matter what shape or size. :)
Miluna Miluna
36-40, F
3 Responses Aug 11, 2010

Like this story, love lingerie of all sorts and corsets. All power to you Milina.

Yes, girl, you are absolutely correct, of course! But, lingerie is almost as addictive as EP...<br />
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I'll be you'll look fab in that leather corset~

You are so right! I am a man, and to me lingerie makes a woman complete. That sexy confidence that comes from knowing what she is wearing under her cloths is sensuous and intoxicating. I would love to find a woman who loves to buy and wear lingerie regularly, but unfortunately my wife does not....boo hoo!<br />
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Then there is the coy and slow tease of revealing lust a glimpse of lace and silk, and the long drawn out ritual of showing a bit more, over dinner and wine. As the tension becomes incredible, intimate conversation becomes its own aphrodisiac and, well..... lingerie is am important part of a bigger picture that is breathtaking to contemplate.... Ah the power of fantasy, where would we all be without it!