I Have Alway Felt So Good In Lingerie

Mom taught me at an early age to "always wear nice underwear for you never know when something is going to happen unexpected." She was always referring to a hospital visit or even death. I don't like the term underwear although proper. I think "Lingerie" is so much more proper. It started in Jr. High when all the girls like to have the best lingerie and show it off. That teaching and modeling has always been a part of me throughout my adult life. Nice lingerie makes me a different person wherever i may be at home or in the working or social world.
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I do wear hose at times. I love the feeling of nice pretty lingerie against my skin.

Love the fact you like lingerie!
Does that mean you like stockings and garters too?

Oh yes, I remember. It is interesting how our thinking or teaching changes. I enjoy the easy see through blouses in the market today. Wearing these beautiful light colors make me feel so good. Thanks for your comment

moms are such wonderful people.. my mom said almost exactly the same thing to me , several times over . how wise they are . ! . in the years ahead , something unexpected did happen at various times , but I never ever forgot her advice . ... I have the same weakness as Adonyss apparently , and regularily cull my lingerie drawer, wrapping the rejects up securely , before depositing the parcel in the garbage bin . I could never accept the thought of the Charity people displaying my undies on a rack , to be pawed thru .

Your comment is so cute. I appreciate the same. I have always followed mom's advice and take much effort in purchasing and wearing nice underwear.

Sexy lingerie is delicious! I think a woman who enjoys wearing sexy lingerie FEELS sexier, and that makes her ACT sexier, which in the end makes her SEXIER period!

Do you wear lingerie to sleep in or just to lounge around the house in? I used to wear boxers for sleep but about 15 years ago decided to go nude, Now I don't think I could go back to boxers.

I do. I enjoy just panties and a t-shirt if not in the nude or naked. in the house.

sounds very sexy ............

I'm afraid I have the same attitude ellensong,<br />
especially when it comes to bras & panties; I wouldn't be seen dead wearing a pink bra & black knickers!!<br />
It does make me feel good if I can be proud of the lingerie I'm wearing; and after all it's the first thing you put on in the morning.<br />
One problem though, my lingerie drawer is stuffed to bursting and it takes me so long to find matching 'bits' sometimes.

I love your story. My mother always told me to never save my nice lingerie for something special, to make sure that all my lingerie was for something special. If I wear anything now, it has to match and look nice.

MMMM you are soo right!<br />
<br />
I ony wear Lingerie for as long as i can through out the day

I like the idea of someone wearing lingerie that makes them feel beautiful, sexy, naughty, etc. under their regular clothes. I guess, in some way, that relates to what we all do on EP. We are revealing the things we wear under our normal life.

Isn't that line about someone having to cut off your underwear at the hospital in the mother's handbook? How come they all say the same thing.<br />
<br />
And yes....lingerie is a much nicer term for it...although I am suspecting it has a different connotation for me than it does for iamjay.