Ladies Are So Lucky

They are lucky as they have such a wonderful selection of Lingerie in every colour and shade under the sun. Made from lovely silks, satins, lace, ribbons and bows it looks and feels so magical. Well designed and made lingerie  enhances the female body so much making it very desirable. Give me a lady in lingerie any time to make me horny  

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True, i am thinking of becoming a women by operation i cant wait till the day it wil helpen

I wish that I could have done it back in the 70's. I still wish that I were a woman, then I wouldn't have to hide everything. Are you having a partial or going for the full thing?

I agree entirely sugerbear and with the general thrust of our members comments. Unquestionably pretty silky nylon and satin lingerie enhances the femininity, sensuality and desirability of a woman. Lingerie is meant to have this effect. It is breathtaking to see the feminine body adorned in gorgeous lingerie. I once said to a lady who appreared to be unwittingly showing her slip whilst seated how beautiful and pretty her slip is. She was not embarrassed and thanked me. I then said it is a great pity such a lovely garment is not meant to be seen. She smiled and nodded in agreement. The hem had luscious lavish lace and the silky pink nylon looked beautiful. Lovely lingerie makes a woman simply irresistible. Since time immemorial lingerie has fascinated men with its sensual allure and will continue to do so despite the changing fashion trends. It is tragic that beautiful silky nylon and lace slips have lost the popularity they once had in the bye gone era.<br />
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indeed ladies are very lucky to be able to enjoy the loveliest lingerie and wear it under their outerwear attire.<br />
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There is nothing more beautiful and sensual than a woman dressed in very lovely silky nylon lingerie. <br />
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A beautiful bra with lace atop the cups, very silky soft nylon panties with full bottom cover, a luxurious silky nylon and lace slip under a silky soft dress or sexy skirt is breathtaking. With her legs encased in ultra sheer silky shiny stockings and pehaps a satin button through blouse with her sexy skirt, the softness and silkiness exudes sumptuous sensuality.

Even more sensuous is the look of fine silk or satin glossy lingerie! Take a peek at Secrets In Lace dot com to see what I mean. Even beautiful silky nylons are sold there! There are other sites on the web selling exquisite looking lingerie in silk and satin!

Checked secrets in lace dot com. Its wow :-). Planning to buy the catalog. Its just erotic to *** while seeing catalogs

I have bought several things and wear all of it

I so definitely agree with you "Sugarbear". The comfort and feel of women's lingerie (underwear) is so far better than the yucky junk offered for the male body. I wear satin panties full time and in colder weather a satin tank top type plain camisole in place of a tee shirt under my male shirt. On some special opportune times I might wear my short pink satin and lace slip in place of the camisole along with a satin garter belt and silky nylons. When so totally, lingerie, dressed this way the feeling is so wonderful and indescribable I just swoon!

I do love black tight thongs. It is splendid when the lady wears it with skin tight jeans or jodphurs.

I love trying Lingerie on, but it seems that its so hard to find a man to buy it for you! Online or in person.

That's really a shame. I loved buying lingerie for my wife and still do, mainly silky satin nightgowns now. Also love buying for myself to wear!!!

I take a lot of time and trouble selecting all my lngerie, I have a large collection and always wear what is most suited to my outer clothing.

Lingerie is icing on the cake, a fine covering over the main dessert.

It's amazing that the effects that lingerie has on men that more companys don't promote lingerie for men. <br />
I remember back in the 80's when they came out with nylon briefs for men and stores actually had tights for men in lots of different colors.<br />
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My girlfriend bought me some but I only wore them in private with her. I had this big hang up that everyone would say bad things about me. I finally realized that most people don't care unless it is their man or family member. If I could turn back time I would have been wearing lingerie all the time instead of wasting so many years.<br />
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After all it is just material.

i have more then my wife i wear lingerie all the time skirts & tops to its ok with the wife

I agree women have a terrific choice in lingerie, that is why I wear it all the time now, it is more comfortable and the silky material is a lovely feeling next to the skin.

Its great to get the passion going too :)

Why are ladies so lucky? Just go in there yourself and get some lingerie you like and maybe you will feel lucky yourself.

I adore hearing about the feeling of wearing lingerie. I have been collecting for 15 years now (though only vintage lingerie) and absolutely adore when the customers on my site write to share their pics and storeies after they have bought something. I can identify with the salespeople helping out .. there is a lot to be said for the excitement I feel when helping someone pick out something in my store. Drop by the shop sometime! :) ( <br />
Hugs, Tanalori

You've got some beautiful things on your site. Glad I came across this.

hello everyone

I must agree myself