I Would Love to

 I would love to enjoy this but I cant, not just yet. We dont have the money to get good stuff. I have some cute stuff but nothing sexy and naughty...One day...Ahhhh

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Kohls & JcPenny are soo much fun to shop at I love to try on new bras * panties & buy the ones that fit The gals there just say take your time to find what you like It is one of my favorite things to do !!!!

I used to buy for the wife until she told me to stop. She said, she felt I was buying for me. Not so, wanted to share the experience hoping to open her mind....fail

Try Goodwill ,Salvation Army or other thrift stores its a great place to start ,they do have some new things too. But watch the sale racks I have tons even my wife has tons and none of it was expensive but all is pretty,cute,sexy and soft but never expensive. Look around. Have fun.!

Lingerie Diva has cool inexpensive stuff too

Sometimes you can get some stuff at kohls on clearance

I would love to find a man who would actually buy me lingerie. In person or online. Its so hard to find a man who appreciates it!

I would do either

I buy it for my wife, she likes cotton Grannies and very rarely wears anything else. Then only in the dark....so I never see it out of her drawer.

Where do you live?

Have you told your man? Or taken him to look at it? Most men just don't know . Have fun and good luck.!!

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a lot of places are having sales with valentines coming up. I picked up a cute set to surprise my bf. :)

I would buy you some if you showed me on skype?

about the $ situation== go to Ross, T J Max, Marshals, very nice, and NOT expensive!!!!!!

I just bought a new teddy/thong. So pretty!!! Hubby loved it!!!!