I Just Love ...

the feeling of the thin material on my own body, I feel sensual and womanly…black, white or red, it depends what kind of clothes I am going to wear, bra and panties have to match to each other. A beautiful lingerie is just another kind of jewelry.

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27 Responses Apr 21, 2008

I love wearing lingerie , I wear sexy panties, thigh highs, and sometimes stockings with garter belt. It just feels so good ! Would love to find a woman that likes a man who wears lingerie.

Omigosh yes! Lovely! And if course your lovely things need to match!

The personal enjoyment is sooo great I love it to!!!!!!!

beautiful lingerie makes any women feel and look sexy. as you say, the way the material feels on your skin and the way it hold and caresses you too. fantastic!

I agree with you TendereyesPrincess. lingerie is so erotic.

Great story and interesting comments. I love to see nice lingerie on a woman, and I love to wear it from time to time.

I am a man that loves wearing fine lingerie of all types. Yes, I wear panties every day. When I am at home I also enjoy wearing bras, thigh high stockings, gowns or nighty's. I don't fully crossdress beause I do not attempt to make myself look like a woman. I just love wearing fine lingerie. I don't know why, but I find that most women fear a man like me. True, there are a few women that also enjoy a man that wears lingerie, but they are few indeed. None the less, I am happy. I enjoy my lingerie and I celebrate who I am every day. I say no matter your gender, enjoy who you are. Find what makes you happy and then celebrate those things. Yes, I would love to have a woman in my life that would enjoy this part of me also, but I would rather remain alone if being with someone means that I have to hide this part of who I am or even worse, stop doing it altogether. Good luck to everyone........and be happy.

this totally what my marriage lacks and will be the cause of divorce if that ever happens .20 years and she still dont understand and dont look like she ever will. im tired of trying to explain all this. im starting to think its time to move on before its too late

Wearing pretty lingerie is as important to me as wearing make up, as far as man wearing it, I have never had a man wear lingerie with me, but to each his own.

TP, very hot, but they need not always be removed before sex, with the right combos( crotchless panties,nippleless bras,nylons,fishnet stockings and catsuits)Sex can be extremely erotic wearing them! I also think controlling, adding to thrill! Love lingerie!

i am a man i enjoy wearing the womans lingerie my wife likes it on me also nothing feels or looks better than womans undies on a man better than the plain ugly white mens briefs

You would look beautiful with any kind of lingerie! Smiles

My husband wears dark colored briefs (not tighty-whities), they'r by Hanes, cotton, he has them in black and navy and dark grays and they look really good on him (or he looks really good in them?) -- although we are both past our 25th high school reunions (OMG) and actually he has had his 30th! He does not look it. He's a runner (we both run, but he is more serious about it) and lilfts weights and rides a bike and easily looks ten year younger and he looks very sexy in his Hanes briefs, and even sexier when I slowly slide them down and reveal him. <br />
<br />
I do not have a lot of sexy lingerie -- I am afraid I tend toward sports bras and cotton bikini cut panties -- but I do have some sexie panties, the kind of lacy little nothing that reveals a lot but covers just enough to be enticing and I know that when we go out for the evening he likes knowing that I'm wearing my sexy underware. Although what he especially likes is when I'm not wearing any. All these years and it still gets him turned on when I tell him that I am not wearing any panties under my cocktail dress. A few times we have reached the porch of the house where we are going to a party and I will stop him just before he rings the doorbell and I reach under my dress or skirt and remove my panties and hold them out and ask him to put them in his coat pocket for me. Haven't done that in a while (who wears dresses to parties these days?) but maybe I'll do it the next time we go out to dinner and a play. (Of course it would be a shame to waste that money on tickets when he is going to spend the evening thinking about my lack of panties. LOL!)<br />
<br />
I'm also afraid that in the coldest part of winter I sleep in sweats and in the middle of summer I usually sleep nude (I like sleeping in the nude but in winter I just cant's seem to do it). I do have some sexy (yes, Victoria's Secret) nighties, a couple that are babydoll style and a couple that are long but very transparent. When I do wear them I never wear anything underneath. And my man knows when I wear something like that, I don't have sleep on my mind. <br />
<br />
In warm weather he sleeps in the nude. In fact, he sleeps in the nude probably twice as many nights out of the year as I do -- and in the winter he usually wears underpants and a t-shirt. <br />
<br />
I just love it when I take a shower or am getting ready for bed or whatever and he is watching me and he'll be nude and I'll see that he has an erection -- just from watching me he has an erection -- and oh that makes me feel very sexy and very female (and yes, very horny and interested in sex).<br />
<br />
I may not have as much of a lingerie collection as many other women, but he always tells me that one of the nicest things I can wear is a coating of massage oil and he would be more than willing to apply it. He gives very good massages... and they always seem to lead to sex. Hmmmm, I like that.

Exquisitely stated TendereyesPrincess. Ohs and Ahs.

I enjoy wearing it but unfortuantly have never had someone to share or notice me wearing it...but it is another ex<x>pression of how you feel about yourself...making me feel special within myself

All to me it requires is showing love, respect, and a desire to please me.<br />
The same as I do in return.

The person is all that matters to me. The person makes the clothes rather than the clothes make the person.

i meant to be the lucky guy to see you in said lingerie (and help you out of it LOL)

and you have no idea what i would give to be that lucky lucky man :-)

by the way i would guess that if you wear sexy lingerie to bed with your special man you probably end up sleeping nude LOL

i said when i wear undies its just boring old briefs LOL

guess i would be boring to the ladies i sleep nude and when i wear underwear its just plain old briefs.

Really their is quite a few choices for underwear for guys. I had a gf that bought me a variety of different styles to wear. Fabrics? not so much for choice there though. But I do agree with tender that it is important to wear the right thing for each other whatever that may be.

Your story make me fantasize in oh so many nice and erotic ways ... ummm

Men's fashion needs a major overhaul! Lingerie is very pretty but what is right for men? There is not much choice really.<br />
Sleep nude<br />
Sleep in the regular men's PJs<br />
Sleep in lounge pants.<br />
Sleep in underwear<br />
<br />
But there is nothing the says "let's do it" the way a woman's linerie can. When she climbs into bed wearing something special the message is clear. For guys, well, the message usually has a lot of static on the line.

I'm actually a guy that wears lingerie, and there is a subculture of people that do it. It is great fun to pick out different fabrics, colors, and styles; but I don't really think it looks good on a guy and haven't discussed it with any partner. I have heard that there are some women that like it on a guy though; that could be interesting.

i think most men feel the same way about it...well, on their ladies body anyway....did that come out right???