So I'm Kind Of Addicted To Wearing Lingerie...

When I'm at home by myself or with my boyfriend, I usually don't wear anything besides a corset, pantyhose, and heels. Sometimes I'll wear veils or hats, too. He thinks it's extremely sexy when I cook in lingerie, but as he's not always around, he has no idea that I wear stuff like that ALL the time. It just feels so damn good, you know?
AllHailIsadora AllHailIsadora
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13 Responses Feb 28, 2012

Come over here and walk around dressed like that hun


soft is sexual!

That's sexy. Do you wear the horns and tail too?

Only during **** marathons/role-playing.

Wow, hope your bf appreciates you!

I hope your BF knows how lucky he is.

what an eye candy you would look :) he is a lucky man indeed

Lingerie is the icing on a perfect desert yum

A woman in lingerie is very sensual. You have a lucky man

Lingerie takes the female form, which is already so perfectly sensual, and heightens it to such a degree that I find myself lost in its eroticism.... that is to say I'm addicted to a woman in lingerie

Good to know.

So you are seperating your desire from just kicking around in underwear?

ok but I had to ask

i would like to see you on veils

Not a chance, Jerry, but I'm flattered. :)

Nothing feels better against my skin than lingerie.

The silk pieces are the best.

I would have to agree with you on that