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Afternoon In July

Afternoon in July

Dani and Chuck are having a spat, actually worse than that, but Chuck doesn’t know it.

For Dani, this seems like a pivotal point in their unusual relationship. I say unusual because most couples who have been together as long as they have are typically married. Especially considering the shared property and all the details that go along with their status.

“Dani, are you ready yet?”

“Just a minute.” She replies, irritation evident in her tone.

“*******.” She thinks to herself.

The problem they are having right now stems from Dani having a strong feeling that he is hiding something from her. It's just a suspicion but she must be in control and this is driving her mad.

“I wonder what is going on with her.” Chuck mutters to himself as he walks down the hall to their room. He has no idea what the problem is. If he did he could set things right.

He lets out a low whistle as he walks into the room. Dani has on a very small bikini and is looking in the mirror as she adjust the straps.

“*******.” She thinks, hearing his reaction to her new swim suit.

“Hon, that’s incredible! When did you get it?”

“I bought it last week.” She replies testily

“Well, you look absolutely gorgeous!”

“Eat your heart out.” She thinks to herself, slipping the green cover-up over the tiny bikini. She spent hours vacillating over whether it was too revealing.

“Do you think it’s too daring?” she asks her voice a bit more normal.

“No, I think it is perfect. I hope you don’t keep it covered up all afternoon.”

“I won’t, I’m white as a sheep and I need to get some sun if I can.”

It seems as if their unspoken problem has lessened as they gather up their things to take next door.

They walk over to Greer and Marie’s house. The plan is to spend the afternoon by the pool and then grill steaks.

Greer, Steve and Barbara are sitting at the umbrella table, along with Stan and John, the two guys that live on each side of Dani’s house.

They walked through John’s immaculate backyard on the way over. Steve and Barbara live on the far side of Greer and Marie’s.

Hey, you two! Barbara greets them. All four men stand to greet the latecomers.

Steve immediately pulls a fresh beer out of the cooler and tosses it to Chuck.

“Thanks, Buddy.” Chuck says, popping the beer open.

Dani helps herself to a Mojito from the pitcher on the table.

After a long sip, she says, “I’ve been looking forward to this all day.”

“How are the drinks?” Marie asks as she sits a bowl of munchies on the table. “Just perfect.” Dani responds, downing her drink and pouring another.

“Better watch out, these will slip up on you.” Barbara says, “I can feel a buzz and I’ve only had one.”

“It’s only a few steps home; I’m going to enjoy myself today.” Dani replies.

“Girls, lets leave these guys under the umbrella and get some sun!” Marie says.

Each takes a fluffy towel from the basket by the steps and walks toward the lounging chairs.

Chuck watches them and wonders if anyone will comment on Dani’s new bikini. All five men watch the girls as they adjust their chairs and carefully arrange them to get the best angle for the sun.

Yes, I am one of the five. My Name is John and have known Chuck and Dani for eight years. I'm also her therapist but only Chuck is aware of that fact.

Marie isn’t wearing a cover-up and the guys smile as Barbara pulls the short dress over her head.

“Looking good.” Chuck comments.

“Wow!” Greer and Steve say in unison when Dani slips her slinky cover-up over her head. Both turn to Chuck at the same time.

“That’s a different choice for Dani, Chuck, Did you buy that?” Steve asks.

“I’ll second that!” Pete says. I just lift my can as a toast of agreement.

“Don’t think we’ve seen that suit before Buddy.” Steve says.

“I heartily approve.” Greer comments, looking back at the girls.

Chuck looks at Steve for a second before he replies, "I don’t know what’s up with Dani, she has been mad at me for something, and today she surprised me with that new bikini. Go Figure.” He continues, “All I know is I like it.” he says with a grin.

“Well, you must be doing something right.” I wish I could get Marie to buy a suit like that!” Greer comments.

“A bit out of character for Dani, but very nice.” I comment.

“Women, you can’t live with ‘em, cant live without ‘em.” Steve says.

“Oh yes you can!” Pete pops out. Again I merely acknowledge with a salute using my beer can.

The guys open another beer and their conversation steers to sports and the various problems they have. Each one occasionally casts an admiring glance at their pretty girls.

The girls are chatting away, just far enough away that we cannot hear exactly what they are saying.

Greer takes the pitcher over and refills their glasses and the guys continue talking and enjoying the cold beer.

All three girls are in the pool cooling off. They jump in every few minutes and return to their lounges.

Dani is having a hard time with suit. When she climbed the steel ladder near their lounges, both top and bottom were just barely hanging on. That was the first time it had been wet and it took her by surprise. She continues to struggle with the suit every time it gets wet again. At least it dries quickly.

Time drifts along, a perfect July afternoon.

surplus us at the table jump when they hear the sound of a baby come from the monitor on the table.

“Joey is awake.” Greer calls to Marie.

“Bring him on out.” Marie calls back.

“Steve, you and Chuck are in charge of keeping the girl’s glasses full. Ill be back in a few minutes.” He says, leaving.

Returning with the empty pitcher, Steve says, “I’m not ogling Dani, but she looks great in that little bikini.”

“Yeah, I liked it the minute I saw it.”

Chuck is still trying to figure out what is going on with Dani but can’t put his finger on it. Instead he enjoys another beer.

Greer comes back with the little boy, Joey, and sits with him at the steps right in front of the table.

“He’s a pretty good kid.” Steve comments.

“When are y’all going to get started on a family?” he asks both guys.

Neither Chuck nor Steve has a ready reply.

Finally, Steve says they have been talking about it but it’s not time yet.

“No comment.” Replies Chuck.

Marie passes by, picking up the empty Pitcher and says she will be right back. “The girls are thirsty today.” She says giggling.

In a few minutes, Marie is back with a fresh pitcher and does refills before sitting it back on the table.

The sun is starting to get a little lower in the sky.

All three jump in the pool again and then are back in their chairs.

The guys have another beer.

Marie walks over and tells Greer he needs to start thinking about the grill. He agrees but makes no move to do anything.

Barbara and Dani get up and put their cover-ups on and join us at the table.

Marie says she is going to start getting things ready in the kitchen, Barbara volunteers to help.

Marie asks Dani to keep an eye on Joey, since the guys are obviously not going to do anything but continue with their beer drinking as usual.

“That’s fine, but it will cost you a refill.” Dani giggles and sits at the steps with Joey.

After a few minutes, Dani turns to Chuck and asks, “Will you sit here with Joey, I need to go in and take this wet bathing suit off, it’s getting uncomfortable.

“Be right back.” Dani says as Chuck steps into the water in front of Joey.

Inside, Dani changes in Marie’s bedroom; she notices a photo album with erotic photos of Marie. They aren’t pornographic but obviously professionally done and quite tasteful.

“Interesting.” She thinks, as she strips off the wet bikini.

“I wonder who does the photos for her?” she muses while drying herself.

She thought about asking to borrow some underwear but decided not to impose.

After drying her body and putting her cover-up on, She leans close to the vanity mirror to touch up her lipstick. The cover-up falls open to the point that she can see all the way to her waist, both breast and her dusky pink nipples.

Her first thought is “I’ve got to be careful.” As she sees her nipples harden. “I’m a bit tipsy.” She says to herself. The thought of one of the guys looking down her dress is exciting.

“I might just show Mr. Chuck what he will not get his hands on tonight.” She says out loud.

I learned this from our last session. Dani has a strong pull toward teasing men but is trying hard to curb her compulsion.

Outside, after Dani walked away, Steve handed Chuck another beer and sat down beside Greer. Over the course of the afternoon they have ended up with their chairs in a sort of semi circle, facing the steps of the pool about 10 feet away.

Joey is wide awake from his nap and really splashing around on the first step.

When Dani returns, Chuck says, “Glad you are back, I’ve got to go pee.”

She ignores him.

Dani loves the little kid and doesn’t mind the splashing. The cool water feels good on the hot skin of her legs.

After a few minutes Joey decides to get out of the water. When he stands up he immediately plops back down on his bottom. Dani reaches out to help him stand again but he plops right down and grunts in frustration.

She stands up and pulls him up so he can toddle around with her support. He is walking but unsteady.

He leads her toward his daddy, just as he gets close, Steve catches his attention and Joey steers toward him instead of Greer.

Then he leads them back toward the steps and Dani accommodates him and continues to hold his hands to keep him steady even though walking bent over is uncomfortable.

Chuck comes through the back door just as Dani and Joey slowly make their way back to the steps.

From the lower elevation of the patio, Chuck can see under her cover-up.

“I bet those guys love this!” he thinks to himself. At the same time wonders if she has had too many drinks and doesn’t realize.

Steve hands Chuck another beer as he takes his chair. “Feel better?”

“Yeah, I was about to bust.”

“You should have just jumped in the pool.”

“Oh no, I only let the girls get away with that.’ Greer chimes in.

Joey is up again with Dani leaning over, holding his hands.

“Watch this, He will come to me again.” Steve says.

“Come to Daddy.” Greer calls out. They are both talking to him.

Joey heads their way with toddling steps. Chuck watches in amazement. He can look straight down Dani’s dress, her beautiful breast are swinging freely in plain view.

Joey leads them toward Chuck then steers toward his Daddy but turns again and cackles with delight as he fooled them and leads Dani back to the edge of the pool.

“These two are really getting into this.” A small spike of jealousy runs through him.

Joey and Dani come back toward the guys again and both men are urging him on, each vying for his attention to get him to come to them.

“They aren’t interested in the kid; they just want a good look down Dani’s dress.” He begins to say something but holds his tongue and tries to get Joey to come his way.

Chuck thinks he is going to as he watches Dani’s breasts. Just at the last minute, with a laugh Joey heads toward his Dad, laughing. He continues on to Steve then turns himself with Dani back again.

Sitting, they guys can’t see that Dani is not wearing panties. All they can see is the lovely sight her breasts. The previous time Joey brought her in this direction, her nipples were like little hard berries. “Does she know?”, “Surely not.

“Can a girl get a refill around hers?” Dani asks with a silly grin on her face.

“She’s had enough.” Chuck wants to say but keeps it to himself.

Steve is out of his chair in a split second, topping her glass off to the brim. She has to hold it with both hands; at least the game with Joey is over for now.

Grilling next.

Dani and Chuck
Greer and Marie (Brunette), Son Joey, 10 months
Steve and Barbara
John and Pete, neighbors, John is my Dr.
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nothing funner than being a flaunter :P

looks like Dani may get some strange lovin,,,

What are you thinking? I am just a tease!

no,i dont think that, i think you just getting your nerve up to get some strange,,,

Trying to write this from my therapist point of view. He is an old friend and lives next door. I bought my house because of that.