The Joy Of Buying Gorgeous Lingerie

I love lingerie shopping. It's one good way (just like a bar of good chocolate or a tub of ice cream, mmm...) to uplift my mood. Just thinking of how I'll look in it! Oh! Lovely! Unfortunately, I have no one to model for. . . yet. ;)
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4 Responses Mar 23, 2012

Nothing better than sexy lingerie and a pretty dress!

I thoroughly enjoy lingerie shopping and looking at all the beautiful bras, pretty panties, the nylon slips, silk robes and nylon nightgowns. Feeling the silky garments as i browse with thoughts of how they will feel and look on me is a wonderfully exhilarating feeling. I also adore browsing through all the hosiery and reading about the silky stockings on the packet. Suffice to say it sets the mood perfectly.<br />
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Such a pity you haven't got any one to model for TheArtisticScientist, but in the meantime why don't you just model in front of the mirror and enjoy how lovely, beautiful, feminine, sensual and sexy you look in your lingerie.<br />
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Thank you for sharing your story.<br />
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You a very welcome.

I always feel better after lingerie shopping also especially if I get to try it on at the store..Have fun.

Where were you 30 years ago.