Never Thought I Would Like It Sooo Much

I was never big into the hole lingerie thing. Then I started buying a few items here and there from a lingerie boutique I found on line. And once I recived the first few orders I was hooked. Just the feeling of the smooth, crisp silk against your body and the feel of the lace was the best. Now it dosent matter if im going out or just going to work I wear it every day. The place I shop at is The Pink Fox Boutique dot com.
daphnie2011 daphnie2011
31-35, F
5 Responses Apr 30, 2012

Thank you for sharing love to see the ladies in sexy lingerie!

i would love to see you in some baby, add me

How can you not like it. I love the feel on my skin.

i love it too

Thanks for the tip I'm going shopping afyer this. Well I'm glad another person is on board lib love love lingerie and you describe it so well you used my feelings in words thank you. Have Fun!

They are a great place to shop. And they have just about anything you can want. I reccomend a brand they carry called Blush, it has a great feeling to it. Also if you need shapewear, I have tried theres and it is the best. I used to wear spanx, but now bodywrap is all i wear.