I Love Seeing ... And Wearing

I'm one of those rare men who are straight, normal members of society who both like to look at women in lingerie ... AND wear lingerie! LOL! I swear, when I see a sexy lady in lingerie, especially my wife, nothing gets junior going faster.

But sometimes I want to wear them too! So I went and bought some of my own. Do I like it, yes! Now, the wife at first was taken aback but she understands now and she even finds some of it sexy too! Some of it isn't LOL ... but hey I'm the same way.

Anyway, just wanted to throw that out there! And before you think it's strange, think again. Some studies say as many as 1/3 men have a crossdressing fetish.
jliebert1 jliebert1
31-35, M
May 9, 2012