Help! Trying To Find Something Specific

I am trying to find my wife a specific type of corset / bustier...and I have no idea what it is called...I can see it in my mind...and I know I've seen it in real life before as well...
My wife is 5'8 with 40 DD chest and curvy. She is a size 12.

I am looking for a corset / bustier type thing which covers the tummy.
I want the chest to be an open top BUT I want a little bit of support... Basically I want a corset that leaves her nipples and upper half of her breasts exposed but has a shelf to support her.

What do I search for? Do you happen to have a link you can share if you know where to find one?

Thanks for any help on this!
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Thanks! Any recommendations on good brands / places to get them?<br />
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I've been looking for a while and hoping to surprise my with with this...but I finally brought her in on the search last night of looking at corsets etc :-)<br />
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She has seen what I described once - and she thinks the lady had actually taken one that covered the areolas and modified it. I think I may have to find a cheap corset or bustier and modify it...purely because I can... lol<br />
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Suggestions are welcome!

Never seen a corset with a shelf bra, and believe me, I've looked at LOTS. They're either made as under-bust or over-bust (though a few are described as "cupless). Some of the latter JUST cover the areolas, but they do cover. You're looking for one with a "basque" waist (kind comes down a little in the middle, in front). If you want one that will actually enable her to slim her waist a bit (create more curve), support "The Girls" and hold up over time, you should look for one that has "steel boning." Don't go too cheap, you get what you pay for. Be SURE to pay attention to the sizing guides; they do NOT correlate directly to clothing sizes; if you're not sure, call or send questions to the seller.