Love How It Feels

I just love how light and soft silk and satin feels on my skin..I started wearing sexy lingerie way back when I was wearing Jr sizes..I could get into size 4 or 5s....
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For this reason, I am so glad that I am woman. Underwear makes me feel so good about myself in so many ways.

Wonderful article, thank you for sharing.

Would rather b titalated by a hot sexxxy lady wearing silky lingerie thn being fully nude anytime. Just the eyecandy and the feel of it is so arousing and hot.

It is fabulous to see a woman you loves to enjoy the sensual benefits and feminine loveliness and luxuriousness of soft silky lingerie adorning her smooth skin. What a beautifully sensual feeling of exhilaration. Every woman deserves to spoil herself with lovely silky lingerie. Gorgeous silky lingerie accentuates a womans femininity and sensuality stunningly. Lingerie is a perfect conduit to the attraction of a potential lover. Lingerie is simply an irresistible temptation. So glad to see that you started wearing sexy lingerie way back when you was wearing Jr sizes. No doubt you are very pleased you did. Hopefully you will continue to do so.<br />
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Thank you for sharing your interest in lovely lingerie.<br />
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I'm a cross dresser and I love the feel of soft silky lingerie against my skin. I wear panties 24/7 and a nightgown to bed every night.

You still look jr size. Very sexy

I can still wear size 12-14 in jrs

Very well said, have you ever worn lingerie from agent provocateur?

I bought a pair of panties from the website,there like a see-thru black bikini and it says "agent provocateur" across the butt - had to have em! I also bought a bikini and sunglasses from stuff, but expen$ive

True about their cost, but so very well made... they also have some fun bdsm attire and toys