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What I love about beautiful lingerie is I can wear it under my work clothes and feel a sexy woman. This is important because my uniform are mens blue cargos, safety yellow teeshirt, hairnet and of courses bump cap . None of makes you feel sexy or looks good. No silk blouses, pencil skirts or flirty dresses, killer heels. I can put on my matching silk bra and panties and feel so sexy. It is like my little secret. I feel so pretty in them and happy. One day it can be the lacy boy shorts with the red bow racing up the back. I can swagger all over the place. Maybe I should wear the blue lacy ones with the bow in the back. They are also crochless.
Supervixen76 Supervixen76 31-35, F 4 Responses Jun 16, 2012

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im sure you will look so hot and curvy with that.

I lurve wearing tights under my jeans! Fancy joining me sometime?!

I was actually thinking about getting a bodysuit to wear :-)

Good for you. Sexy for you first then for the guys you are teasing. Good post.

There is always that accidental tuck into the thong of your t-shirt after going to the bathroom or boy shorts. ust saying. have fun with it. Feel Sexy and Be sexy.

Oops never thought of that. How about the accidental fly down

:D i guess this is why sometimes my gf would ask me to wear her knickers coz no one would find out.