My Husband Buys Me Sexy Lingerie To Wear For My Boyfriends

I love wearing sexy lingerie. I think a girl looks much more attractive to a man when she takes the time to dress her body in erotic, sexy, lacy underwear & negligees.

I like my bf's to see me dressed this way, & so I make my husband buy me very expensive lingerie for my dates with other men.

As a treat for him I let him see me & photograph me in my new lingerie before I go out, then I ***** to my underwear again & watch him ********** when I get home as he looks at me & while I tell him what my bf's did with my body when I let them do me.

After he has ***********, I let my husband ***** my soiled lingerie from my body, then I make him wash my underwear by hand, & then he has to bathe me to remove my bf's *** from my ***** & ***.
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3 Responses Jul 26, 2012

That shows that your hubby approves of your activities and approves of you having multiple BF's. It's very nice that he goes out and picks your lingerie for you and it's also nice that you allow him to see pictures of you dressed in it with your BF's. I'm sure he loves seeing you with them and loves having you as his wife.

Your husband is very good to you hand washing your lingerie after your dates with other men.

Awesome sexy retro look in your profile photo. I do so love lingerie on my women and enjoy shopping lingerie for them to wear. I would turn you around and bend you over that hood and do you right there. Add me if it pleases you.